Saturday, August 28, 2010

Rezeki Murah

Iftar Hidayah Centre

Mongger invited us to attend the charity iftar. I banked in the donation quite late, soooo busy with the new factory job but at least I fulfilled my promise.

Meeting old friends

The rezeki murah I meant was meeting old Adelaideasn..Mongger, Cham,Kak Aini, Bang Din and Rezuan. Arip and Intan pun ade..always good to see these two familiar faces.

Mongger and Cham are fine and healthy. Cham gila kurus..dunnno what is his secret....Barney the Dinosaur is no more..hahaha.

After the iftar, Arep and I went and do Teraweh at the amazing Steel Mosuque or Masjid Tengku Mizan. There kebetulan met Abang Din.We also met Rezuan who had arranged to meet us there. It was good to see more ex-Adelaideans and see how they are going on in life. They seem to be doing fine. Bang Din is going into properties agressively and Rezuan has many plans ahead....a businee possibly...bile die nak kawen tatau..lepak dgn awek pandai.Haha. Arep went back around 11pm while Rezuan,Bang Din and I went pekena mamak at Bangi..hah..until 1am...borak2.

Anyway..semalam memang rezeki murah..jumpa ramai kenalan yg baik2..Alhamdulillah..maybe good things come with charity..will try to contribute more in the coming years.

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ihsan_huhu said...

mong mmg sentiase sehat