Thursday, August 26, 2010

Updates and a long weekend

Orang Gaji lari

Dah cakap dah..these are not stupid Indonesians. The agent will replace our housekeeper after Raya.Sabar..sabar.

Gaji setengah bulan

Figure 1: The reality of companies mata duitan..especially cinapek company. Note Genting after decades robbing Malaysians are now ditching Malaysia for Singapore where they are expected to make SG$1 billion in 2010.And the DAP and Chinese are calling Malaysia stupid for failing to retain these cinapek company like Genting and Robert Kuok(the guy does not even live in Malaysia yet making billions out of Malaysia)...I say good riddance..leave this swamp and balmy weather and leave us in the jungle thank you.

Surprised...agak best la MEMEC bg gaji walau keje tak sampai seminggu sebab first days dok diri kat line ke. Blondal the Evil Polar Bear has not sent me the check they promised for the two weeks I worked with them..just shows what kind of fuck up cinapek company they are..I was right to leave them....expansion ke Indon konon..gila duit company...but MEMC also gila duit...


Figure 2: Factory work..work2...'the factory is your life'.....says Hany Tamim,.the ang moh motivator of MEMC.Last year the Malay engineers were forced to work until the night shift of they can only leave the line at 7am on Raya morning!!! The workers retaliated by taking multiple MC leave and taking replacement leaces..but the cinapek manager took Indon but still the same coz Indon is also brown like us.

MEMC despite being ang moh is run by cinapek..our manager..the guy who actually runs the company is an ah pek whose father has a food factory in biasele..gila duit. They push2 us to work.....fed up that we brown natives go for hari raya hire Indon at cheap wages so that less brown natives work for them and the factory run 24 hours the whole year enabling MEMEc to gain US$1 billion profits per year...the ang moh not complaining but if this is the case in US I am sure MEMC is violating many work laws and human rights laws.

Reality bites..why I am complaining....I knew working in Malaysia will be like this.... tough and crazy..If Im not with MEMC I will be with an underperforming government agency or GLC and I'll be bored to death too.So syukurlahhhhhh...nak wat camne..kalau takde rezeki tak lepas probabation gi Jobstreet lagi!!!

At least I got this job on my own..takde cable2.

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