Saturday, August 21, 2010

Small reunion iftar at Putrajaya


Figure 1: Venue of the iftar.Far far away from hectic KL.

I just came out of my mind.Started sending out invites to several people and asked them to invite others last week. At first wanted to do it at the Putrajaya Lake Club, a buffet deal at a seemingly nice location.Booked last week for 20 people. Some began to complain the price is steep, so began searching for alternatives but still retaining the booking.Anyway, I chose Putrajaya because as a KLite I know for sure, breaking fast at KL or PJ would be hell. I live 15 minutes from the City Centre and already know that traffic is fucked up nearing iftar.

The iftar

Figure 2: A reunion is not about numbers but about the commitment of friends to spare some time to meet each other.

Yesterday, finalized the venue at Taman Warisan Pertanian. 7 of us came, Intan,Aini,Acap,Apam,Syuk and Arip.Small crowd but it was good to see them. The place was very low profile and calm, just the right crowd. The food was OK for $33, as far as a buffet goes..the usual rice and lauks and some western grilled chicken and beef.Not bad, I was not expecting a fancy buffet and I skipped the rice and only ate the meat and chicken, you know, for my high blood pressure rice is bad. Through eating, we shared stories and our jobs, it was really good to see that we all moving along. We have our own lives.Since the place was not crowded, it seems we were lulled into almost 3 hours of talking. Eventually by 1030pm we all left with a fresh outlook on life.Alhamdulillah.

I dun wanna talked in details what we talked about...but it was a very intellectual conversation at some part especially where Aini and Syul is dapat isi otak dengan benda2 berfaedah. Whatever we talked about, it stays there, the gems of the reunion.


ihsan_huhu said...

fuih lame.


Hijaz Kamal said...

teraweh kat umah....tmpt tu ade surau so maghrib dan isyak kat sane.