Friday, December 31, 2010

2011 come!!

A new year, a new cycle, anew beginning?

We will just move on, everyone with their own lives, every nations to their own ambitions.

Celebration? Stayed at home as I am still tired from the MEMC company dinner.The event was quite generous, telematch, bowling and a quite decent lunch. Very physical and the bowling took a toll on my hands which I have not been exercising much. Too much attention on hiking which only benefit my elephant legs.

Today spent the whole day sleeping, felt feverish so didn't go to Friday prayers. I used camphorated oil and paracetamol to relieve the discomfort.Thankfully I felt much better after waking up at 7pm.

Since I felt rather messy did'not join my familty for a New Year dinners.KL gonna be jammed and that would give me headaches.

Instead of the pyros, I will join a gaggle of friends , all ec-Adelaideans on a hiking trip at Bukit Tabur, a quartz ridge at Taman Melwawati. I know the view gonna be awesame and Insya-Allah we'll see our first sunrise in 2011!!

Happy New Year. No resoltion decided yet besides keeping myself fit and not gaining any weight.Perhaps a trip to Nepal? many plans.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Broga conquered

The Broga hill was successfully conquered. Some pictures later.

It rained when we climbed but nature and the sun never disappoints us. Sunrays breaking through the sun, mist, clouds below our eye levels and the vivid green rainforests overlooking the valley below.

What a wonderful day!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Broga Hill

Plan became bullet proof yesterday. A random SMS sent to Arep was replied with a yes made it came true. Syuk was on the way from Perlis and he seems interested. One car should be enough. May will ask Arif to invite Logen or me invite Acap!!!The objective, to hike up Broga hill at Semenyih to bath in the morning sunrise.To allow our eyes to enjoy the beauty of yet another corner of Allah's creation.

Looking forward to this.

Pic: Broga Hill(Stolen from another blog:

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Maal Hijrah Holiday

New Year,

It is now 1431 of the Hijri calendar, 1431 years since Prophet Muhammad emigrated from Mecca to Medina. A paradigm leap spiritually and physically that catapulted Islam into the forefront of civilization.

The Hijri calendar is shorter, as it is based on the lunar calendar. The lunar calendar is about 50 days shorter, so it has only about 300 days in a year. Every year, the Hijri calendar creeps 50 days closer to the Ano Domini calendar. With a gap of about 600 years, it will take about 7000 years before the Hijri calendar overtakes the AD calendar numerically. These are rough estimates, too lazy in details. But it is interesting.

1431 years after Hijrah, the West is in decline, economically, UK is now a trashy power at the international stage, from a superpower whose domain stretced from the UK ro Africa and Asia, it is now a fucked up economy.It was amusing when I saw cartoon in late 19th Century where they showed a Mountbatten look alike cartoon stretching its legs from Africa to Asia.Now it can barely hold a grip on Ireland and Scotland and ended up a backwater power in the EU, dwarfed by France and Germany that it once defeated in two world wars. From a navy that once ruled the 7 seas, as protrayed in the silly Pirate of the Caribbean movies, it is now a bathtub navy of 19 combatantships, dwarfed by new superpowers like India and China.

The US will have its fall. Despite being such a great nation in the fields of science of technology, corrupton, ironically is its downfall. Lobbying and personal and group interests such as the evil Zionists infested AIPAC ensure that the US is enslaved to the Zionist cause to reign in the world's goyim particularly the Muslim as to enssure they continue to plunder Palestine.Unfortunately, the Muslims fought tooth and nail to expel the US and Zionists from their lands. But thanks to their corrupt deals, US bacame weak as these looteres sapped the US economy of its industrial base which killed off its trade. The US now owes the world US$54 trillion dollars, half of its currency reserves is in Asia. The US can't control its currency and ended up printing more causung the US$ to be worthless.Nations around the world are angry and refuse to allow the US to become weaker to continue exports to the gullible US citizens. Too late, US can never compete with Asian exports and it is still losing.Obama just came back from a tour begging Asia to buy its weapons and ended up selling too many warplanes to Saudi Arabia much to the horror of the Zionists.And China even offered to modify the US planes so the Arabs could bomb the Jews into the sea. US attempt to mobilize the world to tut China ended up the world heckling at Obama over his QE2. Obama is in deep shit, a doorman for the Zionist Netanyahu and disrespected by Asia. US in downward trend folks. It will still be a rich country, but the wealth is probably in the top 10% of its people who continue to plunder the country. The middle and lower class of the US are no more than peasants, perhaps worse.

The EU, the model supranational entitiy that transcends language and cultures, but refuses Turkey over religious differences. But with the current situation, Turkey should be glad it is out of that big mess, the EU that is. The Europeans, propped by their own sense of superiority, over leveraged their economy and gave out too many loans and supported bubbles in the stock market.When all the bubles popped, there was nothing left.Property collpases and too many money lost, another Subprime crises ala EU. Ireland, Spain, Greece, and Portugal, most who used to be poster boys of EU economic management, is now in deep trouble with debt equivalent to France's GDP. If France goes bankrupt, there goes the EU, that is how bad it is. If the Asian Crisis was bad enough, the EU econimic crisis is of biblical proportion, after the US that is. Thailand in 1999 borrowed from IMF US$17 billion to fis its economy. Ireland, with only 4 million Irish compared to Thailand's 70 million people, just borrowed US$85 billion from the IMF and Germany.Now the irish will have a taste of the inhumane minds of the Jewish bankers running the IMF. To them, Thai or irish, they ae now just peasants or better Goyims to be looted. Ireland will now have to cut spending, and the peasants will suffer as the Jewish bankers in the IMF squeeze education and welfare out of any juice, and giving money to themselves and the irish bankers who caused the shit.Another potato famine in the making, and we'll probably see Irish prostitutes around Asia soon, Male and Female, at leats these Irish are hot. Not to forget, Greece already went the same drama, but Greece was a drop in the ocean of the EU economy. Next we have Spain,a major economy on the brink of collapse with 20% unemployment and debt 130% of its GDP!! ANd then there is Portugal and god how many more European pig holes with financial blackholes. Only Germany remains the healthiest economy and ended up having to bail out these countries.Ironically the nation that tried to destroy Europe 50 years ago is now its inly savior. The EU countrues cannot control their economy as they have no currency to devalue and the unaffacted nations like Germany and France is againts develuing the EURO.So now they have prepared US$1 trillion of bail put funds, but many believe it is not enough. We thought that the 2008 economic nightmare ended in 2009, but we are just seeing domino effects, first, small bamks, then huger banks, then investment firms like the jewsih run ponzi scheme Madoff Trust that stole US$65 billion(at least it revealed this cheating scheme, too late for the victim!), then countries and now supranational entities like the EU. EU is just demonstrated the weaknesses of a supranational body and many countries now give sighs of relief they have their own currency.Now with Eu and the US in the decline, thanks to overleveraged financial systems and failing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Asia emerges as the most stabile power on Earth spearheaded by China withh India trailing by and a very rich Middle East.

It will be interesting to see how this century turned. The West dominated the Earth sphere for centuries, enslaving Asia and Africa, looting tour resources and later on held our necks with knives that are nuclear weapons. But thanks for te fact we are all humans, Asians too have nucelar weapons, and are now richer than the West.

This will be an interesting century, Many bad things may happen, but many good things can happen too.

For example, with the Zionists and Jewish bankers deprived of their traditionally rich banks, the US and EU, countries around the world are no longer afraid of these hooked nose bankers infecting their economis. Now they can freely support Palestine like Brazil and Argentina just did.......pity the Israelis, their days are numbered. They forget that 4/6th of the world are not christians who believe in rapture while 1/6th is hell bent to see it emploded or exploded as long as it is wiped off the face of the Earth..they were better in hands of the least they used humane gas chambers that turn Jews pink..but we use scimitars and cut heads off painfullly...hahaha.

Today is the New Year of the Hijri calendar, 1431.

Friday, December 03, 2010

Intellectual scum

Such word does not exist,

People who use this word should use it on themselves.Because only they know what it means and it takes one to use it.

End of the year..are things getting any better


One thing for sure, we have first world class broadband..muahahhaa..10Mbps, 60gB, internet tv and internet phone. With our household income....we can very very afford it and it's worth it..just decreases the time I stalk people browsing their photos.I am so thrilled that I dunno what ti watch on Youtube..or what anime to stream!! Guess I grew up too fast..sigh.


FFucking crap they, the Keparat,I mean corporate gave us...10%..sheesh!!!


I am accumulating money, not bad considering I ate 3 times at work, pay two tolls everyday. I can actually go to Europe If I want to!! After this 13th month bonus!!! Money money..come come...come.Hope I dun buy a car next year..dem u Inspira..Ford Fiesta get out of my head..stay away from my money!!

Aswad's wedding

Finally I ventured beyond Ipoh or not as far as Singapore. Teja,Mastersilat Robot..Besut(just Besut) and I drove to Penang to Teja's fantastic 5 star crib in Kepala Batas last Friday. It was a really awesome night drive that Friday. The next day, Teja became our guide and took us practically through the land of the paddy fields, Kedah, Penang and Perlis in one go including Aswad's fabulous wedding.We sojourned Teja's alma mater, Syed Putra School in Arau. SPM was going on with student either studying or reading Kreko(so I noticed) at the school field while the school undergo repairs following floods several weeks ago that hit the North.Teja was really happy to be back.After a drive through the nation's sugar bowl(ladang tebu) , Arau, and paddy fields we arrived at Aswad's wedding at a school, just in time to see him drive by in his 'mini' convoy. How on Earth he fitted in, only god knows. It was a joyous event and I share his joy..he was such a nice chap in wishes to him. That afternoon too, we went to Penang, just to waste time exploring and eating this Norther world of Malaya with our eyes.One interesting place we visited is the government quarters where Teja's family used to live. It was totally bizarre neighborhood of rows of silent ancient looking colonial houses with an old looking school and a Red Crescent center. A quiet corner of hectic Penang, trapped in the past.If you see the place you'd understand why Teja is so serious,poetic and old..haha. Afterwards we went to the island via bridge, prayed at Kapitan Keling Mosque and hey..we got free Nasi Kandar from the Kapitans and they were delicious....took the ferry back to the mainland, bought some legendary Kuey Teow Telur Ayam Basuh and hadsecond dinner at Teja's crib at Kepala Bata. One short day but we saw alot of Teja's world, paddy fields, sugar cane, cities old and new and Aswad's wedding.

A good and equal substitute to a midsummer's day in the chersonese of Fleurieu.

An awesome weekend. Looking forwards to more trips with these guys..Arep,Besut and Syuk!!!

Looking forwards to new experience to add to my cornucopia of life's lessons.'s a good month. Just got a free ticket to KLIMS from our Maintenance Engineer Saiful.Now who wants to go with me..can take nice picture with hot babes and hot rods!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Hello Paris..I dunno what's hello in French.

A momentum of excitement has coursed through my vein when Air Asia finally announced that their Paris flights will start next february. The Europe trip has finally become bullet proof.

Weak RM

Because our beloved RM is pegged to the loser US dollar, our exchange with the EURO took a beating, falling from 3.9 in September to 4.3 this month.

My initial plan is to crash to Switzerland(probably 4 nights) from Paris(3 nights) and Venice(3 nights).But after considering the expenses in EU countries, I decided to axe Venice and concentrate in Switzerland9probably 5 nights) where the Swiss Franc is 30% cheaper than the EURO.No worries, there are loads to visit in Switzerland and we plan to go therer during November when winter starts,.hello snowy Swiss Alps and Jungfarubahn.


As I hinyted November. My annual leaves starts after 16th August, I am so gonna screw my plant and take a full 2 weeks leave and they are not gonna stop me.Would love to go earlier, we'll see, for now it is November.

Backpacker mate

Fendi will probably commit as he has $$$$. Have been pestering Tawakal to join since his family has $$$ and good chance he'll get a good paying job in Adelaide. I have learned it is best to travel with people with $$ or have acces to their parents $$$ load plus these two people are the best people to travel with based on experience.

Plan to keep the company small. Dun wanna crash too many people at my uncle's place in Zurich.Maximum 4 people.


I estimate to bring 2000 EURO not including the cost of the flights and train. I plan to enjoy as much as I can when I get I will have to start saving and build up at least RM8000 inr reserves. So all bonuses and QIP will be saved.

This plan have given me a new momentum for the next 12 months. Lets hope everything goes well!! a map of Paris metro from my sisters' rench language centre. I will probably plan to spend 3 night in the so called city of long as I get a pic of the Eiffel'd be enuff.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

A hectic day and more to come

ST Test wafers

Dumb customer asks for impossible wafers with an exact diameter which caused me to waste hours on 25 wafers on Deepavali, got myself screamed ast a crazy Chinese bitch whom I felt like drowning in the KOH/HCL bath and had most PEs screeching at me. Malas citer..done already and took my revenge by staying away from the office and just lepak2 at the line trying hard to understand sawmarks.

Fucking delegators

Spent 20 mimutes with one and understand why everyone hates her besides her ugly chink face and high pitch annoying voice

Went home early

I dun care if I am bottom 50% if I go home early..Wyatt is now a doomed citizen of a collapsing superpower and pity his children because they are surely gonna be jobles soon..I dun care. I went home through the canteen to avoid the silly corner office near the front entrance..wich fits the ignorance of an insular American..too fucking pissed off to hear Wyatt making comments I dun cc emails to him la or I make the paperwork slow...he can't even read the MPR and says he can't understand Malay while the fucking document is in English smart ass...okla..I am already home..too tired to swim tonight..just gonna relief myself as usual,..lepas steam skit