Friday, December 03, 2010

End of the year..are things getting any better


One thing for sure, we have first world class broadband..muahahhaa..10Mbps, 60gB, internet tv and internet phone. With our household income....we can very very afford it and it's worth it..just decreases the time I stalk people browsing their photos.I am so thrilled that I dunno what ti watch on Youtube..or what anime to stream!! Guess I grew up too fast..sigh.


FFucking crap they, the Keparat,I mean corporate gave us...10%..sheesh!!!


I am accumulating money, not bad considering I ate 3 times at work, pay two tolls everyday. I can actually go to Europe If I want to!! After this 13th month bonus!!! Money money..come come...come.Hope I dun buy a car next year..dem u Inspira..Ford Fiesta get out of my head..stay away from my money!!

Aswad's wedding

Finally I ventured beyond Ipoh or not as far as Singapore. Teja,Mastersilat Robot..Besut(just Besut) and I drove to Penang to Teja's fantastic 5 star crib in Kepala Batas last Friday. It was a really awesome night drive that Friday. The next day, Teja became our guide and took us practically through the land of the paddy fields, Kedah, Penang and Perlis in one go including Aswad's fabulous wedding.We sojourned Teja's alma mater, Syed Putra School in Arau. SPM was going on with student either studying or reading Kreko(so I noticed) at the school field while the school undergo repairs following floods several weeks ago that hit the North.Teja was really happy to be back.After a drive through the nation's sugar bowl(ladang tebu) , Arau, and paddy fields we arrived at Aswad's wedding at a school, just in time to see him drive by in his 'mini' convoy. How on Earth he fitted in, only god knows. It was a joyous event and I share his joy..he was such a nice chap in wishes to him. That afternoon too, we went to Penang, just to waste time exploring and eating this Norther world of Malaya with our eyes.One interesting place we visited is the government quarters where Teja's family used to live. It was totally bizarre neighborhood of rows of silent ancient looking colonial houses with an old looking school and a Red Crescent center. A quiet corner of hectic Penang, trapped in the past.If you see the place you'd understand why Teja is so serious,poetic and old..haha. Afterwards we went to the island via bridge, prayed at Kapitan Keling Mosque and hey..we got free Nasi Kandar from the Kapitans and they were delicious....took the ferry back to the mainland, bought some legendary Kuey Teow Telur Ayam Basuh and hadsecond dinner at Teja's crib at Kepala Bata. One short day but we saw alot of Teja's world, paddy fields, sugar cane, cities old and new and Aswad's wedding.

A good and equal substitute to a midsummer's day in the chersonese of Fleurieu.

An awesome weekend. Looking forwards to more trips with these guys..Arep,Besut and Syuk!!!

Looking forwards to new experience to add to my cornucopia of life's lessons.'s a good month. Just got a free ticket to KLIMS from our Maintenance Engineer Saiful.Now who wants to go with me..can take nice picture with hot babes and hot rods!!

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