Sunday, November 21, 2010

Hello Paris..I dunno what's hello in French.

A momentum of excitement has coursed through my vein when Air Asia finally announced that their Paris flights will start next february. The Europe trip has finally become bullet proof.

Weak RM

Because our beloved RM is pegged to the loser US dollar, our exchange with the EURO took a beating, falling from 3.9 in September to 4.3 this month.

My initial plan is to crash to Switzerland(probably 4 nights) from Paris(3 nights) and Venice(3 nights).But after considering the expenses in EU countries, I decided to axe Venice and concentrate in Switzerland9probably 5 nights) where the Swiss Franc is 30% cheaper than the EURO.No worries, there are loads to visit in Switzerland and we plan to go therer during November when winter starts,.hello snowy Swiss Alps and Jungfarubahn.


As I hinyted November. My annual leaves starts after 16th August, I am so gonna screw my plant and take a full 2 weeks leave and they are not gonna stop me.Would love to go earlier, we'll see, for now it is November.

Backpacker mate

Fendi will probably commit as he has $$$$. Have been pestering Tawakal to join since his family has $$$ and good chance he'll get a good paying job in Adelaide. I have learned it is best to travel with people with $$ or have acces to their parents $$$ load plus these two people are the best people to travel with based on experience.

Plan to keep the company small. Dun wanna crash too many people at my uncle's place in Zurich.Maximum 4 people.


I estimate to bring 2000 EURO not including the cost of the flights and train. I plan to enjoy as much as I can when I get I will have to start saving and build up at least RM8000 inr reserves. So all bonuses and QIP will be saved.

This plan have given me a new momentum for the next 12 months. Lets hope everything goes well!! a map of Paris metro from my sisters' rench language centre. I will probably plan to spend 3 night in the so called city of long as I get a pic of the Eiffel'd be enuff.


ainishamsi said...

dude, it's bonjour.

ihsan_huhu said...

ooh la la !