Sunday, November 07, 2010

LCD- Low Cost Dumbbox

I am talking about LCD TVs. Too bad it is LCI..other itwould be Low Cost Idiotbox...more appropriate

Yes, as you may have seen, prices of LCD TVs have jumped off the cliff due to high inventories.

Imagine there are 50+ million LCD TVs waiting to be sold off. With the steam of the World Cup dying down, demand dropped while customers move on to LED TVs which use LED lights instead of a fluorescent light in LCD TVs to provide a background light making LED TVs super slim.

This is bad for LCD TV manufacturers as their stock just lie there and lose value.

If you think it is cheap enough, wait till next year, it is bound to be cheaper.

But those buying LCD TVs after this may buy one for the last time. Soon we'll have TVs that could surf the internet and the traditional idiot b0x including LCD and LED TVs will be too outdated.

Perhaps the next generation will be the true idiot box. At least with the current situation I move between the living room and my room to watch TV or surf the internet.Soon I will just sit at one spot!!! Hahahaha

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