Tuesday, November 09, 2010

A hectic day and more to come

ST Test wafers

Dumb customer asks for impossible wafers with an exact diameter which caused me to waste hours on 25 wafers on Deepavali, got myself screamed ast a crazy Chinese bitch whom I felt like drowning in the KOH/HCL bath and had most PEs screeching at me. Malas citer..done already and took my revenge by staying away from the office and just lepak2 at the line trying hard to understand sawmarks.

Fucking delegators

Spent 20 mimutes with one and understand why everyone hates her besides her ugly chink face and high pitch annoying voice

Went home early

I dun care if I am bottom 50% if I go home early..Wyatt is now a doomed citizen of a collapsing superpower and pity his children because they are surely gonna be jobles soon..I dun care. I went home through the canteen to avoid the silly corner office near the front entrance..wich fits the ignorance of an insular American..too fucking pissed off to hear Wyatt making comments I dun cc emails to him la or I make the paperwork slow...he can't even read the MPR and says he can't understand Malay while the fucking document is in English smart ass...okla..I am already home..too tired to swim tonight..just gonna relief myself as usual,..lepas steam skit

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