Friday, December 31, 2010

2011 come!!

A new year, a new cycle, anew beginning?

We will just move on, everyone with their own lives, every nations to their own ambitions.

Celebration? Stayed at home as I am still tired from the MEMC company dinner.The event was quite generous, telematch, bowling and a quite decent lunch. Very physical and the bowling took a toll on my hands which I have not been exercising much. Too much attention on hiking which only benefit my elephant legs.

Today spent the whole day sleeping, felt feverish so didn't go to Friday prayers. I used camphorated oil and paracetamol to relieve the discomfort.Thankfully I felt much better after waking up at 7pm.

Since I felt rather messy did'not join my familty for a New Year dinners.KL gonna be jammed and that would give me headaches.

Instead of the pyros, I will join a gaggle of friends , all ec-Adelaideans on a hiking trip at Bukit Tabur, a quartz ridge at Taman Melwawati. I know the view gonna be awesame and Insya-Allah we'll see our first sunrise in 2011!!

Happy New Year. No resoltion decided yet besides keeping myself fit and not gaining any weight.Perhaps a trip to Nepal? many plans.


nuraenn said...

As salam,
i've reading ur blog, may i ask u more about MEMC??because i just had an interview with MEMC yesterday. can u help me in giving an opinion?

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