Monday, August 23, 2010

Stupid Day

Orang gaji berenti

Orang2 Indon ni skang kurang hajar. We paid RM4000 to the agent so that we can have someone take care of nenek since I am working. We went to and fro Putrajaya so that the stupid woman could work in Malaysia legally.This morning she quit.....buit the stupid woman has no one to go to..the agent do not want to take we have a reluctant stupid maid in our house until Saturday. My mom was livid. We were nice to her. We let her watch TV, bilik air cond, she does not even have to coook,I don't even alllow her to make up my bed....boredom..maybe..I hope she gets to work in a Chinese household and wash their cars 4am every morning!!!!Hope she enjoys it or mayhaps she deliberately quits to work somewhre on the grace of the permit paid for her...

My nenek is hopeless, she is old...she can't even open the shower in the a maid is a must,my mom is contemplating a Sri lankan..Indonesians are so fucking hopeless.

I wish Kak Sri is with us..she was with us for 16 years

Keje.Qualification Lot

We are getting a new batch of for each order, we are conducting a qualification lot as a benchmark for the following orders from each customer. We tested one batch from 3pm to was so difficult getting the right contour for the wafers so we will probably recommend a new wheel to grind the wafers to the customer.

Driving home

I may live quite far from my work place, but I actually enjoy the simple joys of driving to and fro work. Listening to the radio and watching the KL skyline whizz by while taking the DUKE highway.

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