Monday, August 09, 2010

MEMC called!!!

MEMC job

I got through!! MEMC just called and is offerring me a position as a Process Engineer!!


This is an multinational company that would hopefully catapult me through a better future career in this specialized industry. MEMC depite being a low profile player is major player in the semiconductor industry with plants in KL,Ipoh and Kuching.Hopefully I will be rotated around the country.

Figure 1: I went through three gruelling interviews with MEMC. To skip this opportunity is to insult my effort in those three interviews.

MY first engineering work

Actually, I am kinda hoping they'd say no or offer me later.They want me to start next week!!!

I don't what to say to Peter..whatever it is, I have just finished the drawing for the Q-Cell central vacuum system!!

Figure 2: An engineering system that will serve the solar wafer production line at Q-Cell.Designed by me..riak riak riak

I will be leaving the evil polar bear......I learned and saw so much from Peter and Nadia...I feel kinda bad griping about this company in this blog.But truthfully, I would not mind working at Blondal in the future.

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Calvin Lim said...

masa u interview.. got go thru a medical screening?