Wednesday, August 18, 2010

MEMC job

Smiling Mat salleh=Smiling Hyena

The mat salleh boss was so nice on the first day...senyum2..gelak...welcome2 saya..tepuk2...time meeting...all the engineers got berated and reprimanded as if they are children for not making enough money out of sand and tax breaks courtesy of the Malaysian government. I know that smiles means 'If you fuck up and make this plant lose money I am gonna skin you alive' to me.

Overall nice guys la..but I know they hate Malaysia..who likes out sticky and balmy weather...yes I miss Adelaide..nak simpan duit beli umah kat sana..aaaa...don't need to be ag moh to want to leave Malaysia..if I kaya 7 keturunan lainla...sayang Malaysia sangat2..right now I am just an underpaid junior engineer who could not afford his own house and car with the current pay.

Fleeing engineer

Apparently I'll be replacing a process engineer,Mrt,Jayakumar, nice guy.He's only been around 6 months.The Malay engineers hinted that he may not get through the 6 months probation so he's ditching the company for another job to avoid the humiliation....but if he is that good(with 8 years wafer productioin experience) and being about me????

Slave of the wafers

The oldest engineer is about 50 and worked 30 years at MEMC.Mr.Fuad Teoh...I think he's muallaf long tme convert, it's very typical seeing Chinese converted to Muslim because they marry Malay woman around PJ.He worked there for 30 years!! And I swear he spends more than 12 hours at work and his underling hinted he will never go home until his wife bising. He is quiet and I really hated it when he ignored me when i amsupposed to be mentored by him for a while when Jayakumar is busy...but I just endure it...I am sure he'll open up to me soon..he may have seen hundreds of noobs like me come and go and I am no different to the greasy rags lying around the factory floor.

Essence of the job

Yesterday and today I overtimed!!!! Doing almost nothing but have to do it as it was an order.One boring thing about this job is we do alot of monitoring. Everytime a new machine come, we watch the vendors install, test machine, we watch, operator measure stuff, we watch, they x-ray the wafers we watch..the operators and techs are virtually our robots and we just supervise!!! But we do get to do some 'House' like analysis when the wafers come out wrong. We have to dissect the data and trace which bloody machine made the fucked up wafers and call the surgeon(production engineer) to run a post mortem on the machine(usually he just disassemble and assemble). The factory is not big but it has alot of old but complicated machineries and being the oldest plant does not make it nice like the Freescale plant but in just three days I have seen whole machine being ripped open and whole processes gone fucked up that cause the engineers to scuttle in fear from the Managing Director's wrath although he'd transform into a benign coffee mug holding guy before the grilling morning meeting.Although I came back home late tonight,I was pretty satisfied that I managed to push myself to the limit..the fasting..opening fast at the greasy canteen and trying to know as many operators a spossible..memang kena sabar gila2....all those overtime is productive and the engineers and operators actually really appreciate of the new engineers are willing to overtime with them although you just wayang..hahaha.

Malay Engineers who love cars they can never afford

Malay engineers who work in a ang moh and chinese dominated factories are brilliant people,...if not they would not have survived the probabtion and annual reviews. I am not sure why they invited me for an outing, but it must be because I'm Malay..I guess I should appreciate it as they are looking out for me. Oh yeah..yes, Malays are a minority among the engineers who are mostly chinese and indians.So the five of us, ingat gi masjid rupanya gi NAZA showroom. One think about Malays men,esepcially the educated, they have lots of dreams, nak kete besar, nak jenjalan, but it seems all those manly dreams postphoned because of marriage..hahhaha...that's why I dun wanna marry early. These guys are probably earning close to RM10 000 or at least more than RM4000 but they all drool at the cars at NAZA and complain that houses are expensive and raising kids is difficult..hahah..but these guys are nicela...bringing me along talking about their cars of theri dreams..I am sure they working hard for the BMW of the Merc at the Naza showroom and I wish them luck. I hope to develop comraderie with them although they arte all 30s and 40s.Men will be men.

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