Friday, August 06, 2010

Supervision/Inspection Work

Figure 1: Engineers at work.

I can't seem to find a gaggle of Ah Pek engineers on Google.It would be interesting to record the pidgin Ah Pek BM engineers use when talking to me when they decided to think I cannot speak English. It seem I was just a Malay Engineer Monkey working for another Ah Pek Taiko to them.And these Ah Pek engineers are probably the proponent of Middle Malaysia.

Went to the Yamaha plant again.The customer wanted a PM10 air quality test.What's that, I dunno, some dangerous particle in the air. Yamaha apparently wants to fulfill some ISO thingy and trying to fulfill the minimum requirement. SInce the air quality is being maintained by Blondal's equipment, it was prerogative for Peter to be there.

We met 2 Production Engineers, 2 technicians from some company who will be doing the air quality test and some contractors who has been screwing their job at the plant.Discusssion were made in pidgin Ah Pek English and I pretended to understand by staring and cocking my head from time to time and following them. This handicap is not doing well for me and I can feel Peter's remorse for hiring me(my imagination). I am sure I am hired for some stupid race based quota.

Being a trained asshole...I managed to swipe all that away and concentrate on my ego.I survived the ching chong cheng meeting and got my assignment for the Yamaha Plant.I will be inspecting the plant after the contractors finish their touch up on their already crappy work and check Blondal's technician's work on the air filters next week. Peter is trying to cajol me to come to the plant on Saturday to supervise Blondal's technician....I am gonna say NO...why..I'll be back there in Monday anyway..and I need my life least until I finish 'House' until Season 6.

So work is piling, I still can't do the template.Nadia is absent..son is sick..she won't be much help If she's here anyway.So much challenges. I really hope either MEMC and MAS call me and say either yes or no so that I can move on......

I think I will be writing a plan for my supervision job next week..haiya...

It is amusing that some of the Malaysian Chinese, who thinks that I can't speak English will end up talking in rubbish ah pek BM to stupid.

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