Wednesday, August 11, 2010

1st day Ramadahan

Kerete Proton

Figure 1: For years Proton cars humiliate their owners with fallen windscreens, broken power windows, jammed doors. Many people will always think twice buying another Proton due to bad experience with them.

The stupid Proton Waja made trouble, the driver's door cannot close and we had to cancelled the trip to Putrajaya to settle the maid's levy.Fucking stupi day.Mam went mad and averything and aku plak kene.

Tak nak to Proton.I'll have my Camry SV21 anytime.


Figure 2: Steel Mosque, the only pathetic physical legacy of the Slumberjack prime minister.Nce mosque though. Ramdan is a blessingm it brought me a good new job.

Having reopened my facebook and officially coming out of my anti social cocoon, I have ,along with some friends planning an iftar somewehere quiet and not 'jammed'. Possible iftar venue is at Putrajaya because I think it is a laid back place with big mosques where we can do terawih later.Will be discussing the details in two weeks. Oh..we plan to do it on a Saturday,21st August.

This plan is bulletproof..everytime i say will surely jalan punye.

MAS trainee position rejected

Received the polite big NO from MAS.. Okla..didn't want it..I dunn wanna stuck being a manager....hahaha.Good...everything is settled as they should be.

MAS=Mesti Ada Saudara

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