Friday, August 20, 2010

Moments of the week!!!!

Clean room experience

Yesterday, I was pushed around to find some scrap wafers from Julyn and August to solve some calibration fuck up thanks to thye QA department lousy methodology. Being a nooob, it was not my place to complain. Eventually, the Cleanroom PE, See Yen decided to help me.

Hence I entered the amazingly clean cleanroom...duhhh....

I had tow wear these santitation suit to avoid contamination of the wafers being etched in the cleanroom

Figure 1: What to wear in a cleanroom

I had to wear a small suit which is very tight and GREEN....I noticed some of the operators giggling at me...did they see this?

Figure 2: Teletubbies

Enough Said..huhuu..but it was a really good experience being in the cleanroom which is cleaner than an operating toom...kudos to the engineering experience!!


ihsan_huhu said...

ko blom ag masuk chemo meds nyer room.

ape2 yg dh bawak masuk xleh bawak kuar dah.

Hijaz Kamal said...

hahah...ntahla..kat bilik clanroom ade 100 particles per square cubic feet...kalo kat udara biasa kite jalan je berterabur satu juta particles