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Re-Facebook and a book review


Figure 1: Faecesbook..not a is all about shit after all, the stupid statuses, dumb pictures, stupid games...but great for stalking people and your friends which no one could resist including me.Faecesbook book has been proven a good tool for stalkers to murder people as happened in Australia some time ago and I remember from OnDIt that some girl fell on love with some prettyface on Shitbook,worked her ass off to pay for a hotel in Melbourne only to find the guy a very expensive gigolo.

I deactivated Facebook for quite some time.Reasons

1.I stalk people.I just like to look at people's profile.I think this is rude and why I dislike Facebook. I began blocking some profiles.I dunno why.
2.Do we really need Facebooks for friends? I don't think so. Most of my FB 'friends' I barely know.Most of my good friends I get from having good times. For example, the Tasmanian trip buddies and I are planning a Taman Negara trip next Facebook buddies among them?
3.Facebook is vanity.God knows why people bother putting pictires they are not supposed to put..keep the snuggling and embarassing stuff to your own thank you.I have stopped posting pictures after realizing copyright Facebook owns many of my pictures...I didn't even watermark.
4.Envy.Sometimes I envy some of the stuff people do at Facebook..especially those who got a job earlier than me.Ego...

I de-toxed from facebook by reading novels and other stuff. I finished the entire 'Philip Reeve' Mortal Engines quartet in just a month. Also tried reading newpapers, magazines and watch the news.Stuffing alot of reality and written fiction really helps.

I am doing a favor to wean myself off internet addiction. And I have done fairly well. If I do sufr,writing in this blog helps keep myself off facebook ,I also read people's blogs and SoPo blogs.Politics really gets blood pumping through your head.

But, Facebook failed to get out of my system. I miss some parts of facebook..the statuses...the smart ones that is. I myself like to bait people with my political statuses..hahahha.I actually am not sure why I reactivated my facebook..but yesterday after I reactivated my facebook..I look up to some of my good friends and dropped them a line and most of the was refreshing....truthfully, facebook is probably a good way to keep in touch with some good friends..the ones do not hurt you ad stab your back and then TWIST TWIST TWIST...


As most of my friends are either studying or working..hanging out or calling is not a good option...and I would like to keep in touch with more actively again since I already overcome the stress of finding a job..I am still stressed with a job but it is different now..much moreee better.

New Novel

Enough soul searching.

Figure 2: The novel cover..elephants, futuristic spires and Thai temples....maybe I fell for the cover.

Yesterday my sis and I went to Mid valley to raid the MPH bookstore after her Freanch Class.Yes my sis is taking she can speak Francais with her cousin in Switzerland.Believe or not we took the LRT and crowded even in the weekends..the KTM Komuter is even worse..I saw some tourists put off from boarding because of the huge crowd..but driving would be as bad....and I hate the MidValley parking..especially with a manual car.

The book is the 'Windup Girl' by Paolo Bacigalupi. It is a steampunk novel , the same genre as the Mortal Engine series.I decided to buy another steampunk novel after I found a Steampunk blog which recommended this book and I like the synopsis, post apocalyptic world, bio-terrorism, Thai stuff and especially about the Malaysian Chinese who were almost exterminated by religious fanatics.....the DAP should read this book and scare the Malaysian Chinese in how they will end up soon...

So what is it a good Steampunk..the world is misereable..petroleum is depleted and humanity downgraded their technological level and several wars occurred.Later, several hundreds later, with no cheap RON95, people take bicycles and rickshaw and people travel the world in giant airships powered by kink springs, sort of like engines which are wind up like toys.The major currency then is calories!! What is it. Apparently some companies, using biotechnology began introducing genetically mutated variants of crops and plants which wiped out the natural strains.Consequently, countries, that have no natural seedtock are forced to buy the GM seeds from the Western dominated food I guess companies like Nestle, Cadbury and Kraft run the world.So in the end, food is traded for commodities, for example, the Chinese trade disease resistant pineapples for whiskey.Not enough with that, the food companies even send spies to sabotage seedstocks around the world by espionage or launching political revolutions so that their scientists could attain the seedstocks and contaminate them so that the country's food source is totaly dependent on these companies.

The novel is set in Thailand, yes....Thailand......

probably the only nation with natural seedstcok after the raid on the Finnish seedstock. Because of the wisdom of the Chakri kings, Thailand was independent in terms of food source and its seed stock guarantees that it could supply its own food rather than buy from GM companies.Thailand as usual is free. So the plot centres upon an American who runs a kink spring company managed by a Malaysian Chinese who survived a holocaust in Malaysia. The American is in fact a spy for a food company who wants to find Thailand's seedstock after he noticed that extinct fruits such as the rambutan began to reappear. He knew that the Thai are now more bold in utilizing it legendary seedstcok instead of hiding it indefinitely.With its natural seedstock, the Thais could engineer their own strains of crops that are resistant to the diseases unleased by the food companies.Under the cover of a kink spring plant which supplies spring powered engines wound up by giant mutated elephants, the spy combs the thai underworld for the location of the seed stock which led him to the Windup girl.

The windup girl is a genetically modified human who is almost perfect except she cannot breed. The ageing Japanese, depopulated and still insular created these New Poeple as a source of labour inclusing servants,workers abd even soldier.The 'New People' can be freaks as some have ten arms or buffed up muscles eepending on their functions. Emiko was special, she was a rich man's toy abandoned in Bangkok as an abused whore, despised by the Thais as a unnatural soulless devil, her pores are so smal that her skin was so smooth but made her body hot as she cannot cool down via sweating in the tropical heat. What Emiko knows from a drunken Thai officer entertwines her with the spy which led to dangers,roamnce and the near destruction of the Thai kingdom and the only genetic source of natural plantlife left on Earth not to mention her freedom.

Some interestong facts about this post apocalyptic world
-As mentioned, Malaysia became a racist rabid state which butchered its Chinese populace. The survivors fled to Thailand.
-Calories aka food is the new currency. GM food ravaged the world, causing natural crops to fail. Genetically Modified seeds can only be bought from food companies and cannot be reproduced, so countries can only buy the seeds from these brutaly greedy companies.
-No electricty. Its back to walking,cycling and methane gas lamps.Even glow worms are used at strip clubs to emit green a light for the strip shows.
-Mechanical power is provided by springs which store kinetic energy. The springs are winded up by giant mutated elephants. The elephants are equivalent of a power plant in this world, their fuel is basically food, so their muscles is source odf mechanical power.The airships use the kink springs as propellers. Once the springs expire, they are resent to factories to be rewound.
-The oceans of the world rose due to the petroleum era. Bangkok is protected by a giant dyke which holds the ocean from swamping the city.Many cities like New York and Mumbai are flooded.
-Many skyscrapers are abandoned without electricity to work the elevators and air conditioning.Only rich people live off electricity using hydroelectric power but electricity is tighly rationed and traded expensively as a commodity for specialized industrial purposes.
-Biotechnology is an evil thing.

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