Sunday, September 12, 2010

Raya and updates


OJT as usual. The 2week before Raya, there were less problems until Wednesday when the plant lost power at 4.30pm. It was so surreal. Our plant is very noisy and then out of the blue it went pitch black and totally silent. Curses were thrown at TNB but the following day it was discovered that a machine at CNI tripped. The CNI section(where the silicons conductivity is customiyed using chemicals and electromagmetic treatment) uses alot of power and since the stupid greedy americans want to double production, I guess the tired machines cant handle it. Despite having a shutdown for maintenancre on Friday night they still resumed production that night. It was so stupid.They should just commence shutdown and give the workers a break. Yes, production resumes onSaturday night during Raya, so some people will have to work but I heard the workers plan MCs, so in the end, the production time is wasted due to shortage of manpower.


As a new kuli, no early raya break for me. No annual leave till next Ausgust. So after I got back from work on Thursday, went home and showered and scampered to Ipoh. Oh....forgot to mention that my Swiss relatives came. Uncle Yan(my moms bro), Aunt Nitchie, Aileed,Kevin and his baby daughter came to Malaysia the week before.My other Swiss cusins Keziah,Kavita qand Alana are in Switzerland schooling and working so they cant come this year.So meriah sikit la instad of just my mom,bro,sis and nenek. Uncle Yan went to Ipoh earlier to kemas rumah while his children went to Terengganu trill Wednesday. Aunt Nitchie arrived on Wednesday Night. We departed in two cars to Ipoh after I got home from work...joining the solemn procession of vehicles..heading home to our respective kampungs.Alhamdulillah we arrived safely. Al Fatihah to the 100 plus poeople who did not make it. Raya could be a dangeroius affair.

Hotel were booked full so my cousins have to stay at neneks dusty place but they coped well. Raya was pretty chaotic but it went well. We stuffed cookies after we arrived at Ipoh and arrange the plates and punch bowl. The next day, as usual, our house was the first target. At least 4 families came. When I say four it include several generation. So by midday all our rendang stock habis. I guess since we were the first house they eat more. We didnt go Rayaing at other house since they all came to our house anyway..haha.

ALl in all, it was a nice Raya. The first proper Raya in 5 years. The last one in Malaysia was before the SSABSA exam and we celebrated in KL as I had to study for the exams. The following years were in Adelaide, although the Rayas there were fun but they were quite pointless without family.Syukur dapat Raya kat Malaysia. The higlight of Raya when some kids played with my DSLR and they were very interested.Had a tough timĂȘ giving them turns taking pictures and preventing them from destroying my camera..but they were so damn cute....that I really hope Ill have boys of my own...maybe it is a sign from Allah..hahhaha..tgkla.

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