Saturday, September 18, 2010

Things fall into Place

My life is so typical.Thinking back, it was OK and pretty much interesting. I do have a life..

My schools
-SRK Raja Muda Seksyen 4, Shah Alam.Kononnya Elite school.Not much memory. had to take the dusty bus, the teachers were garang coz the school is very elite so homework piles up quickly. But I schooled there for only ayear before I was hurled into the other side of the world for a year.
-Sunyside School. Followed my mom to Nottingham,UK at the end of Darjah 1 where she did her 1 year of Masters in English Literature. All I can remember are greay sky, cold weather, wiping my snot on my jacket's sleeve and morning assembly in the school gym singing to the piano and ducking my head as a teacher heaped praises on Jesus and the Lord. But there were good things like snow and new friends(mosltly Pakistani and jamaicans,yes, I went to school with lots of immigrants) and lots of UK school drama like the principal went beserk and threw his jacket onto the floor and parents having shouting matches in the school corridors, very First World, Hail Brittania. My mom was an education freak then and was very stern.I had lots of reading lessons so that I can keep up at the school and she likes to take me to museum as they loads of them there for loads of crap. The best ones were a Paleantology Museum where we huge black dinosaur bones and since them I became quite infatuated with dinosaurs and was convicted that they still exist!! Another favourite museum is the train museum I went on a school was really2 awesome and we got a free ride on a steam engine!!!! Haha..we travelled quite alot too..I still remember the rolling green meadows whenbtravelling interstate, the calm lakes and the lots and lots of gardens. We also went to London to see the Queen on her birthday, it was really criowded and hot and I didn't like it.We even went as far as Scotland where it is damn cold and empty with great green meadows strecthing for miles so I was pretty lucky for an overseas experience at such a young age.
-SRK Section 18 Shah Alam. Returned to Shah Alam. SRK Raja Muda is so elite that I can't enter again so had to do with the nearest school which was OK. Nothing much.Adapted easily and had the best years of my childhood during my schooling there until Standard 6 and the worse when my parents divorved,also at Standard 6. I had so much fun, cycling to sekolah agama with friends, eating ice cream after schools, wading through the rain and puddles after school, playing with tadpoles, buying snacks and dadih at the Section 18 Saturday pasar, playing mercun and bunga api during puasa. Shah Alam is probbaly the best pace for children because they have alot of empty fields so we played lots of field based games, so I was pretty healthy.There I learned how to play baseball(called rounders), kejar2, konda kondi and baling selipar and seasonal games like guli, getah, tutup botol and best of all gasing and I was pretty good at it..pangkah!!!!!. Things that my sister don't get to enjoy at our condo..too bad. It was sad that I left Shah Alam at Standard 6. I never had the same fun friends at KL where they were more interested in Game Boys and eating at KFC after LAME!!!!
-SMK Section 5 Wangsa Maju. When I arrived I hated it. It was so dense and we had no field and my mom was so protective that I rarely ventured beyond the guard house. The school was OK, smallish and not well known. The rich urbanite Malays at Section 5/6 prefer to send their children to elite schools and VI and St John although I know those papmpeerd boys do very badlybut get to go overseas anyway because they're rich.So my school consist of students from areas like Setapak, Air Panas, and Section 2 where the public schools there are already full so I had classmates and friends from different backgrounds. Some of them insanely rich and some quite poor. In 5 years at that school I have met many students of various talents and backgrounds and of various races which I am proud of as I still keep in touch with former Chinese and Indian classmates. Going to school together is very good for different races!!! I was quite a low profile student. My parents divorce was emotionally challenging for me and I stayed at home alot and gained weight but I was very tall and big so no one bulied me. I retreated to books. i started reading heavy novels quite late, at Form 2, the first one is 'The Hobbit' by JRR Tolkien.It was an amazing book, from there I ventured into Lord of The Rings, Agatha Christie novels which my mom loves and of course Harry Potter and lots of Isaac Asimov novels from my dad's collection. My house is kinda like a library!! So books saved from going nuts I guess and fueled my ambition to become an engineer and be somebody!! PMR was a breeze and I thought it stupid, could have gone to MCKK as my dad was an old boy but I didn't want to to his disappointment. So waded 2 years through school, as usal, low profile until I got my SPM and became one of the 6 students at my school to get straight the bewilderment of my classmates and even teacher..seriously. 2003 was a good year for my school as after two years of drought, some students actually scored some straigh As.My school gained alot of attention and considered an elite school in the coming years with a student in 2004 became the best SPM scorer(12As) in KL and more rich people send their children to my school. The school I heard, has changed alot.

To be continued

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