Saturday, October 02, 2010

Things fall into place 2

Sambungf before saya melalut
Ok..where life threw me after highs proms unfortunately...sekolah miskin!!

-Matriculation. One mont stint at Gopeng,.nothing first time being away from home. hated it.
-INTC,Best 1.5 years of my life. Had some good friends, joined a Hiking Club, which took me camping at the beach, Taman Negara and climbed my first Mount, G.Jerail la tapi but these were all new things and I was so thrilled and prouds to have performed them. Life at INTEC prepared me for Australia. It built my confidence and as a consequent I had a very adventurous spirit.. I like to travel and plan to travel the world!!
-University of Adelaide. Good and bad times, The transition to adulthood! Was kinda study focused dring the first 2 years as we had fucking difficult subject, ade la supp sini sane but I worked hard and stayed at CATS for hours so that i never failed a single subject throughout the four years!! I also made sure I travel during the semester break. Went to Melbourne(total 12 times!!), Sydney, Perth, Tasmania, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast,Gold Coast(two times,Movie World, Seaworld, Wet n Wild) and even New Zealand covering Christchurch, Queenstown, Milford Sound and the Fox Glaciers. But my favourite place is still South Australia, the most awesome state!!! Even at SA I always try travelling here and there. Covered Fleurieu peninsular countless times, barossa valley(once in 2008 went there twice in 2 weeks when received two visitors from Melbourne, terpaksa jadi tour guide adoi), Yorke Peninsular, Kangaroo Island(3 times during Summer and Autumd, awesome!!) and even the amazingly large Murray River with its sheer cliffs. because of this travelling, I really fell in love with South Australia.Curse the day I left Adelaide. Sometimes, I really want to save up and apply PR, hope to get someone there to sponsor me..(takpe ihsan aku tak kacau kau.aku tau kau busy gile).Besides that, love also blssomed in Adelaide for me.To tell the truth I had a very insane crush on someone at Adelaide, who that is, for you to find out..kept thinking about that person from time to time..makes me crazy sometimes..but we are on separate ways now..doubt we'll cross paths ever again.!!Adelaide was a really crazy growing up process, and I changed in many ways for better or worse.

Working Life..a new chapter

After the happy endings at the gradyatuon ceremony where I sojourned Adelaide, Melbourne and Gold Coast possibly for one last time..I entered adulthood and got a job.

After doing some stint at UniKL doing marketing and a small engineering firm as a project engineer, I finally settled in at MEMC, a manufacturer of silcon substrate used for semiconductor products. I firmly believed that this multinational company, with a German onwer but US based Global HQ would provide me with valuable engineering experience and they did not disappoint.8 weeks passed so quickly and I felt as if I worked there for months. The plant with round the clock shfts is constantly alive with activities. Going home at 8pm is considered normal.

As a process engineer, I was in charge of the process of 17 edge profiling machines. At this stage, silicon wafers, are grinded at the edges for easier processing at the upstream stages. This process is considered stabile with very high yield but for time to time gets affected by defects due to machine problems or the specifications from the customers are too tight.Nothing I can't handle but I find it really challenging working with different engineering teams(manufacturing,production and quality) with different ways of doing things..But it seems MEMC does not like things too easy for their engineers and I am now having the priviliege of adding 48 more machines into my babysitting lists thanks to the inefficiency at an upstream pricess team which require the senior engineer from my team to go there to help things out. Worse of all, I am not getting any pay raise for triplling my work load. Pray that only a handul of machines gets fucked up at one of a time!!

But this may be good in the long run. I get loads of technical experience and develop soft skills(meeting stuff, dealing with documents, presentations) and office politics skills(be quiet, smile and listen alot) kidding. My plan is to stay between 1-2 years before moving on. the downside of a MNC is that you are nobody to them.i HATE THAT. So maybe sometime later, I'll go to another smaller company or somewhere nearer my KL home or better,try to apply for jobs in Australia and get PR, is a plan..not bullet proof yet but on goin!!! Insya-Allah. Life has thrown me so many surprises and I am grateful..I look forward to my future!!

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