Sunday, October 17, 2010

End of 2010

Time flows like water into a deep ravine..never coming back

As usual. Still a noob and bugging Dwe to pass on his knowledge. More and more people bugging me about the microscan and lasermark machines which I still have no idea about. More or less, I am still on a tight learning curve. Problems come intermittently and I try to understand them..failing at which I will blame the operators.


Went to Suraya's sister's wedding.Makan best. Went with Arep and Acap . Nice change for a while.Ayik dok unah je time weekend.

Budget 2011 and ETP

Biug big project means election is just aroud the corner. MRT, 100 storey buildings but no bonus for civil servants. Kesian my mom..really needs the momey for the new house in Shah Alam.


There has been alot of horrible accidents lately. The bloody bus accident and later an accident just near my house. DId not have the guts to watch. But I noticed people on motorcycles stopping and rushing to the scene eventhough an ambulance arrived..the motherfuckers must want the plate number fot toto...

Future plans

Still dunno. EASA is out of the question...where the fuck am I gonna get RM50k and it will take ages to get certified as an LAE..I dun have luxury like the elites.

So guess I will be stuck with MEMC for a while. Probably the worst MNC around but they pay my salary on time. Not the next logical plan is to save up for something.Marriage? Nahh..takde jodoh yet. Buying a house? Too bloody expensive nowadays. Travelling? Now that is an idea..cheaper than marrying and buying a house Kereta tak nak beli...the Kelisa will be fine for now.

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