Saturday, October 02, 2010

Friday Night...dinner with the TexanBoss makan pizza

Wyatt, the Texan guy who headed the Process team invited us to his house at Desa Citypark for a pizza dinner. He just brought over his wife and four kids from Texas so his wife could not prepare an american dinner and we settled for pizza hut.

Wyatt is an American engineer for MEMC for 10 years already. He looks young, good looks with big jutting chins but his hairline is receding, I give him 3 years before he is bald in the middle. As I observed, the mat salleh age really fast, really pity them. Not sure about age but he's about 40 but a strong lean soldier like body but his 4 kids are only between 2-8(3 girls 1 boy, the are all so cute, hope they get jobs when they grow up)!! His wife is the same age as they met at school at their small town, Gaiasville(his litte girl showed me on the map), Texas I think. Like any Texan familty, they are very conservative. So don't imagine his wife like Lady Gaga or his children like the kids at that stupid Kimora show or worse like in Family Guy. They are country people with strong family and Christian values based on the children's bible strewn around the house.The children even sent their own dishes to the sink and make their own beds!! Very nice family. Wyatt did not come from a rich Beverly Hills family or the son of a Houstan business baron, so he worked hard to get where he is. He is not much different from my mom but my mom travelled around the world more than he does.Pretty good to have a boss like him but I still have to watch out and not let my guard down..for office politics purposes. At the plant, i didn't bother Wyatt much as my processes were stabile and I try to solve the problems by myself as much as possible.So this dinner was a good warming up session with Wyatt and the other 6 engineers some of them I barely spoken to since I came in!!

Wyatt is posted at KL for one year. So he'll be gone by September 2011. That is bad as it getting a new Process boss is always don't know what kind of guy will replace Wyatt!! So MEMC rented a house at the award winning Desa Citypark township(the cheapest unit is RM1.1 million!!) for a year and also got him a Perdodua Alza which must be an awkward car to these Americans with their big cars/SUVs. Their unit is a three storey townhouse with three rooms. Very roomy but not a house to a Malaysian liking but the township is really amazing and first class with 9 feet walkways, a central park with a wetland, a lake and a central shooping complex with a supermarket and restaurants but soo unMalaysia.Prefer the Malaysian neighbourhod with the mango and banana trees and the red tokongs under big trees.But Wyatt and his family are not what the fuck do they care. A very confined township with first class facilties and wide open spaces. A good choice for Wyatt and his family as they come from the wide open Texas country(imagined it like the Australian Bush..haha). After the pizzas, talked here and there, It was kinda awkward. We talk and then pause until someone talk about the weather or durian or something, Wyatt's wife was pretty quiet and in Australia the white women are very talkative and based from Family Guy I thought American women would be talkative,but she is Texan. Engaged her several times and gave up after seeing how nervous she is in coping with 7 asians with different racial background and english accents(we are 2 Malays, 2 chinese,1 Tamil and 2 Sikhs). We must be as good as aliens to her..haha. But Wyatt was a very good host and took us on a stroll around his squeaky clean township. Some of us wanted to go home but we dared not protest out of politeness.Some of us worked hard the whole day and would just lie down that night to watch Astro or jerk off.In the end, some of us had ice cream at the nearby mall and we ended up circling the central lake and watching Wyatt's cute children playing around before we parted ways.It must be exciting for them to stay at a foreign country. I know how that felt. Hope the Malaysian experience will have a good impact on their lives!!!Hope Wyatt will give the green light for my probabtion result in February!!

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