Monday, June 29, 2009

Maziar's stuff.'s the end of the world.
Maziar's special Aircraft Design ,kill me,kill me,kill me,kill me,kill me,kill me,kill me(because i am normal, I will not keep duplicating 'kill me' until the bottom of the page like some unstable Aerospace/Mechy girl).
-Have to Pass Aircraft Design it is a core subject..but it's Maziar's subject!!!!
-Dunno how to solve the design questions for Aircraft Design.Lantakla....solve the weighting,sensitivities stuff..grenti Pass...but I want at least a Credit!!!!
-I have found a new way to procrastinate, going to the toilet....doing the 'big business'...three times already tonight.
-I have started browsing tickets to Japan, Switzerland seems expensive now.
-Phillip Pullman's third novel is pretty's a kiddy novel...I am really growing up or some part of me died when I did Aerospace propulsion last week.

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