Monday, June 22, 2009

How does an Aerospace Student Procrastinate?

Answer:By surfing airline websites.
Why.Read the incoherent stuff below.
I am easily obsessed with something that is infinitesimally possible.My mom says my we may go Switzerland in December.That won't be good because I may have supps in mid December.They will have to go without me..if they do go.Its winter in december in Zurich.I will need to go to Switzerland by end of Nevember before the supp starts.
Hence...Switzerland has been occupying my mind.The country where my uncle lives with my aunt and cousins.It's stratnge that they've been coming to Malaysia every year while we've never even caught a whiff of Swiss Alpine air.Even my old invalid Wansu have been there.I have got to go there.
So hello airline websites and STA.
Opened Emirates website.....and as Mangku Hayun will type...gedebuk......the air fare for December is incredibly cheap..only for december..probably to attarct Xmas passengers!!! It seems the airline industry is really f***ed up.It was not this cheap in the same period last year. I would have bought the ticket...if I had not busted $1800 on the stupid NZ trip and $1000 for kereta buruk and I should have asked my abah to give me money instead of buying a computer.Oh life is so unfair. I can cough up some dough for the ticket...but i'll need to save in the coming months which will be challenging with the additional expenses.So today after doing the CGU insurance for my car,had the ISC send DIMIA my details as I'll be applying permission to work on Thursday after I've settled my Aerorpop exam.I'll probably start sending Messenger newspapers during the breaka as that's probably the most available job to right now and will try tp apply jobs as cleaners or at Hungry Jacks if there's any opening.It should not be too hard.
But alas..there are options
-Kerete Buruk-should fetch at least $900
-Canon 1000D-$600 pun jadile..i can ask my mom to send the Lumix from Malaysia.What's the point of having DSLR if I don't travel.
-New laptop coming from Malaysia----Probably at least $1000..haha..sori Abah
Should be enough for the flight ticket,pocket money and even a eurorain ticket to Germany or possibly Paris..mnuahahahahaha.
There is always a way..hahahaha...

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