Friday, June 19, 2009

A not so good day.

'So much Work to do'...quoted from Fahad Adnan Islam.
And that is what we will always feel for the coming months.
Friday.The cursed day when it should be holy day.In the Materials Lab instead of the Union House Prayer Room for Friday prayers.Meeting with Erwin and Martin.'Dodgy results' were hurled many times.As usual...'Run more test Guys'.
Rerun the third test..but this time with thetest 1 sampels.We do not know the reasons..the client asked for it and Erwin's reply to the client's idea was 'That sounds like an idea'.Stopped the test ..after 3 hours...the shaft got loose and leaks everywhere.We went crazy..I was obviously sulking and tottering around the lab...Fahad was playing with plastecine and it seems Apam was the only sane guy.New bearings was needed and we ordered one..asked the office to have it delivered after the exams for some cheeky reason that we keep to ourselves.Left the lab at 4.00pm........T_T......after 7 hours.

Went back home.Cycled..thought about leaving the bike..lab lag....but not on a Friday night..I still love my Southern Star Superia.Lutfi was alone.'Ade orang gi Transformer...cis...bdk2 arkitek ni.' 'Sape Masak'.Ko kot.Mmmm...I felt lzay.Napped.The room smelled of sweat.Not mine..I wear too much perfume.630pm woke up.I think it's my turn to cook...or is it Hussen?Lutfi was sure it was me or he just likes my cooking?m and I don't care ,malas....go to the Mosque la....but car won't start.Called Eddy..'Biase je tu..try start ulang2'.Malas nak layan....I'll just cook..Hussen balik..'Ko masak ke Hijaz'....'Ah ah'..'Buat penat je aku balik umah awal,ingat aku nak masak' in my head:'Buat penat je aku dok lab 6-7 jam..balik umah masakkan utk kowunk'.Made biryani rice n korma chicken..tried the car again while the chicken korma started!!!!happy happy....layan Nani on meebo....she buzzed me first.8.00pm....Lutfi laughing like a retarded bear while somone was talking with his wife.'What am I doing here?'.Ate dinner...packed stuff....vroom vroom..The Parade-Rundle Street-Hutt Street-North terrace-From Road-UniAde.
CATS C...Aeropropulsion....Apam..Hungry Jacks......and then........2.48am

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