Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sale ended, broken laptop,silly girls and half chicken and chips

-The Europe mid winter flight sale ended at midnight 27th June fior SIA,Emirates and possibly all airlines. SIA Melbourne-Zurich $1500 fare has become $2000 while Emirates fare has become $200 more expensive. No worries, I am more determined to go to Zurich more than ever.

-Asked money from Abah.Abah will not give money if I have no good reason. So I told him my laptop 'kong' and I need $1000(for Zurich flight and pocket money in Europe) for new laptop,I am not lying,my laptop is indeed kong, sound system is busted so I cannot watch Youtube or any movie at home.Abah SMS me last week, he bought me a new Compaq laptop, from Harvey Norman so that I can send it in if it gets busted by me again and mama will send it to me T_T...plan tak's least I'lll stop griping about the TWINHEAD by August.I wonder how much I can sell the Compaq laptop? hmm.....

-Went to Fel-Fella at Henley Beach Road, had half chicken and chips.The chips were abit burned and the chicken too dry and salty.I would not recommend it although I would still come to Fel Fella for the pizzas.Really missed Birdland from my first year.To those who missed's your loss!!!!!

-When we arrived at Fel Fella, there were these 6 Malay girls, all tudung clad except for one blond.As usual, our Malay girls would act 'expensive' in front of other Malay guys or we were just not in their gang.We don't even know them anyway.There werew 3 tables and chairs enough for 12 people but these 6 girls, use all three tables with their bags occupying the remaining chairs. These girls have no common sense and selfish...some people,like Apam and I would like to eat there after driving 10kms from the city and they have to reserve the few remaining chairs for their cheap filthy bags.

-Back at CATS.Ate out hot packs in the car.The pantry in CATS has become a mini class for some silly mechies and we do not want to disturb their studies.

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ihsan_huhu said...

kalau nk meje mintak je r...

kalau dedue berlagak 'expensive' same je r korg pon