Wednesday, June 24, 2009

First exam day!!

Had my first paper.Auerospace Propulsion.Pretty hard but I strongly believe I can Pass.

Did not have breakfats and even have lucng as I slept straight away after I got home.Woke up around 3.30pm and wnet to CM.Dunno why.Want to eat something different.Bought some chicken, some wheat wraps, Coles roast chicken(halal),lettuce,tomatoes,refired beans and hommus.Got home and made some wraps.My god, should have made wraps earlier.The hommus and tzatziki make it taste so good.

Hanged around til about 6.300pm.The problem with exam time, you do not really get to enjoy yourself. Everything busides studying just become meaningless and hollow.Set off to CATS by 8pm and hanged around doing discretization for CFD.I totally forgot discretization but after looking at the notes I managed to go through 2 examples and a past year discretization question..on my own!!.yeehaaaa.....Aswad and Apam went's just me and some other doing Solid Mechanics for tomorrow.But there are still many other students around CATS.Apparently all the had papers will start tomorrow for the 2nd and 3rd year mechies. Don't feel like going home because I drank Red Bull just now and will not be able to sleep.

I'll be reading 'The Amber Spyglass' by Phillip Pullman till 2am I guess.

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