Saturday, June 06, 2009

A different day.

Woke up just before 11am.Drove to uni to attend the BMH thing.Circled Memorial War drive and Victoria drive for 20 minutes before finding a damned car park.Why are there so many people on Saturdays!!!

Mr Robot was giving a talk about insects and I managed to hear some information about the visual mevhanism of the fruit fly. The eyes of the fruit fly are called composite eyes and consisted of thousands of little eyes. The image that the flies see are blurry but this kind of visual sight allows the flies to detect motion and avoid any danger.How that works,I do not know, may be I forgot or did not concentrate.Many universities around the world are using this composite eye concept to create robots that could avoid obstructions.Quite interesting that we humans cannot even duplicate a very lowly creature like the fly.

After Mr Robot's session, there was a public speaking slot with a Youtube from Book about Steve Job's presebation styles. The first sentences of every Job's presentationn always relate to what he will talk about.For example, he uses the sentence 'There is something in the air' when he launched the Macbook Air.Something useful I learn from the Job is that his slides are always frugal and have very few images yet contain very succinct outlines. How he knows what to talks about is entirely because he PRACTICES many times,hence, his presentations seem effortless.It was a good video that will be usefu lto me one day.

After BMH,met Omar and spontaneously asked him if he wants to go to IKEA with me.Invited Syukri too but he cycled but he wanted to follow Omar home.So I arranged to pick him up after our IKEA excursion.At IKEA, we just browsed through the displayed items and fake rooms.I was looking for a cheap desk and found this funky laptop stand which is not a desk but is sufficient to hold my crappy TWINHEAD.Omar liked it too and we both bought one each.I also bought a pillow packed in a tube.I just love the packaging.We also had some organic pasta and rolls for lunch there.

Later picked up Syuk and headed to Meredith.We also brought along Syuk's bike with him.Thank God 'Kereta Buruk'(the name of my car) is big.Haven't been to Meredith for a year!!! It was really good to see many of the faces at Meredith.Despite the differences, we had some good times and they didn't act weird with me or anything when I was there.Then I cycled with Syuk and Omar to SQ(because the house is on Asquith St,the call the house SQ),home to some other Malaysians(Syah,Nik,Paku,Ammar).Their house is damn big and even have a small shed that is a mini gym with a ping pong table and some gym equipments I can't name.We played some ping pong,did Maghrib prayer and I later drove home because I have to cook dinner.

It was a different day.I was not stuck at home as usual.Thanks to Kereta Buruk, my world has become bigger and I feel really independent.Next,find a part time job after exams..haha..wanna save money to go to Cairns or wherever my family and I will go around next year for the Great Australian Family Holiday..or it could be The Great New Zealand Family Holidays..hehe..I liked New Zealand too.

I will have my exams in 3 weeks.I'll try to become a nocturnal because parking is free at night at uni.Haha

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