Sunday, June 21, 2009

Stuff in my head

'So much work to do' quoted from Fahad Adnan Islam

Getting some stuff out of my head

-Cousin2 yg seksi
-Naik ketapi London-Paris-Zurich.....$2096
-Cari keje
-Hungry Jack
-Hantar paper
-Permission to work
-Police Clearance
-Gadai kete dan kamera?
-And it's always that person inside my head....addicted to that person

Things I should get into my head
-Brayton Cycle
-Parametric Cycle Parameters
-Turbojet,Turbofan crap
-Fahamkan assignment 3,4 and 5.....

1 comment:

Lutfie said...

nak balik dah weh.lupakan je la pasal adelaide.LOL