Friday, June 12, 2009

Swot Vac Week 1

I hate this week.I cannot study because I have to concentrate on the CFD project and the stupid erosion corrosion test. Suraya suddenly went back to Malaysia.There are several versions of reasons of why she wanted to go back 2 weeks before the exams despite the fact that she'll return to Malaysia in August anyway after she graduate.Don't wanna talk about it.

So the past three night I jumbled between doing Aeropropulsion tutorials and doing the iterations for the CFD analysis.Finished the report and sneaked into the locked Level 2 illegally with Acap to submit our report.Apparently some Mechies jammed the door at CATS that allows access into Level 2 which is locked after hours as there are many desperate Mechies wanting to submit their last assignments or reports yesterday night without having to wake up early in the morning today to submit their assignments/reports. Really cheeky.

Just today.Went to uni around 10am.I woke up late and was supposed to come earlier.Got the keys from Dr Yung and waited for the other.Erwin came by.We stopped the erosion corrosion test the previous day without cleaning the samples. So the plan was to clean the samples and weight them today.Erwin was crossed and let off his volleys of reprimaning and demoralizing speech.Why me? Amir and Fahad got their share later.Erwin apparently forgot Fahad's name and kept calling him Hadad.I had to wear a mask so that they don't see me laugh/giggle.So we spent like 10am-3pm cleaning the used test samples and weighing them while Erwin helped me look at the surfaces of the test samples with a microscope.He saved some pictures and was supposed to transfer then to 'Hadad's' laptop but the PhD graduate forgot to transfer them and we had to do it again.We also prepared new samples for the new test and took pre-test pictures of the samples' surfaces with the microscope. Erwin then left followed by Apam who had to do his last assignment. Fahad and I spent from 3-430pm fixing stupid leaks on the test rig. After some troubleshooting we managed to seal the leaks.But almost 2 hours to fix some damn leaks is a bit too much.

So there ut goes. One week gone like that and I just spent almost 7 hours in the lab today. In Malay, 'aku dah jadi loser mantap'.

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nkecik said...

heheh,sori dude.selamat meloserkan diri. da x lama da,jgn riso..