Friday, July 10, 2009

Where have my money gone to!!!!

As the tittle indicated, they are
-2 ZARA jackets worth $180
-New Zealand Trip-$1800
-A Canon 1000D worth at least $700
-A 1987 Camry that's at least $1000
-Ipod Touch-$250
-Nintendo Wii+Games=$385

On the plus side.I've got my first job in Australia!! But its just an on call job with Swinging Bowl..well..better than nothing.I've also got a job to send pamphlets for Salmat agency and I'll be delivering my first batch of pamphlets for like $20 T_T this's a start and hopefully it's not raining.

And to some people..I AM NOT YOUR YOUR DRIVER...please at least give me a dollar or two for sending you to and fro the airport or wherever you ask me to take you to...I do not get fuel for free and I am looking after the car on my own..!!!!!!!

1 comment:

Lutfie said...

nice warning bebeh.i always knew this would come up.hahahahahahahaha.

p/s: i did my part though.