Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My last semester

It's confirmed.This is my last semester.My supp results came was a CP already but I'm glad I managed to get a P for Aircraft Design.Alhamdulillah.

Nothing new.Enrolled to the usual boring and extremely hard Mechy subjects...cycled to uni...send pamphlets twice a week. Since I have got a car...I just can't sit still especially at night...I just had to go somewhere...the library/CATS/Vili's/Adelaide Mosque and the compulsory visit to Syuk's townhouse at the Village to play Wii Sports. The Wii I bought is still at the Village..not sure when to bring it home to Norwood..I like playing the Wii's more lively..I'm just drifting apart from the people close to me..maybe I'll just leave it there..for my own sake/enjoyment..yes..i am all of you.

The project is going on steadily.Martin brought us to Lonsdale to their contractor's workshop to actually see the pump which we're suppose to improve. It was OK, finally got to see the damn things.Can't really visualize how it actually looks from the stupid drawings.Just came back from the library...doing some modification on my part of the report.

Next plan, while I am not busy,well....before I get any busier...I'll just enjoy myself.Hopefully if Salmat deposit the $100 worth of deliveries I made in the past 2 weeks, I'll probably buy the Wii Sport Resort.The original one is getting boring..haha.I hope Arip Robotic go back to Malaysia and forget about his Wiimote..haha.Just saw Fawwaz's pictures..he went fishing with his housemates and the fishes they caught were pretty big and they were feasting on lots of 'ikan bakar'...maybe I'll ask Aswad out on a fishing date..hehe.

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