Saturday, August 08, 2009

Into Week 3 of my last semester.

Last week, while delivering pamphlets, I was barked at by a f****** dog and then some f****** bogans began to shout Asian insults at me. This job getting on my nerve. But I like it because I work alone and Salmat pays me on need to have some assholes shouting orders at me or have my pay delayed until the end of the year.So far I have made $350 delivering pamhlets for 4 weeks which is not bad and I enjoy the 'physical rewards' walking/cycling around Norwood or running away from Bogans.

Last week too I picked up Faris and Syitah along with the laptop Abah bought me.When I opened the laptop, it was a CQ40 Compaq with the label Intel Pentium. I thought my Abah bought a Celeron laptop but apparently the system information indicated that my laptop uses a Intel Dual-Core T4200, which is the same as the Core 2 Duo except with 1MB L2 Cache instead of 2MB.It is a good laptop and I am grateful for it. Another stuff to pawn off If I run out of of money..hehe.Based on the price tag I can get 700-$800 and the specs are certainly better than the junk at Harvey Norman.

I also started going to the gym. I did not register with the gym. I used Besut's card because he is now too busy to go the gym...hehe.Been to the gym 5 times already and enjoyed every second of it.I've been working out at nights after which I would do some work at CATS and then proceed to the Village for a shower and some Wii therapy. The Wii is certainly addictive and it's good I put it there if not I will not leave the house.

Suraya, Arip Robotik and Lebau graduated last week. Saw Suraya and Arip and as usual Lebau disappeared to some unearthly dimension. It was really good to see your friends make it through.Pilfered the cakes at the grad ceremony tea party, met Erwin there , snapped lots of pics and see Suraya leave Adelaide from the Equinox room as she and her family proceed to pick up a rented car and drive to Melbourne immediately.Gilo.Meanwhile, Arip was also with his family, they are all like him, quiet...hehe.He'll be back this comong Monday before he returns to KL on Thursday for good.As for Labu, sent him off yesterday.Finally met him.

As for me, currently I am very lazy. The final project is going on as usual. I am so busy that I feel being busy is normal or is it because I have not received much assignments yet. Whatever it is, I look forward to finishing my degree at the end of the year. Beruang has invited me to go to the Gold Coast and we are now attempting to gather about 5-6 people to share an apratmrnt for 4-5 nights in the Gold Coast after the exams on November.I will look forward to that too..after that..I will join the cruel society in search of jobs and money. Life is pretty straight forward after all.

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