Saturday, August 22, 2009

1st Ramadhan of 2009

Delivering pamphlets
As mentioned in the previous posts, I can't sleep after sahur and proceeded to folding teh pamphlets for delivery and started the delivery at 7am. Since I was fasting, I decided to do the delivery in a leisurely pace and walked most of the time, hence I spent almost 3 hours delivering junk mail and ended up really thirsty.

Central Market
After the junk mail job, got home.Everyone was still sleeping. It was my job to buy the chicken. Thought of asking one of my housemates to come with me to CM but since they all stil sleeping, and if they wake up it will take time for them to shit and shower and the CM will close by then. So went there alone, got 8kg of chicken for $20 which is cheap and walked around CM, trying to ignore the fragrant smell of bread and bubble tea that's gnawing on my stomach.

Nap at The Village
Naturally, since I was at the CM, I was nearer to the Village, my official second home..haha.So crashed there for Zohor, wanted to play Wii pong but felt so sleepy, I guess the thirst and fatigue from the morning junk mail job got to me and I slept till 4pm.

Al-Khalel Mosque
The plan today was to break the fast at Khalel with my housemates.Hussen has some dinner with AMBC and Nik had a fast breaking date. So only Lutfi came with me. So roped in Apam and Syuk along with me to Khalel. It seems almost all Malaysian students were there tonight, but only five stayed behid for tarawikh. The food was awesome as usual, the salad thingy was refreshing and the lamb dish was perfect not to mention the fragrant rice sprinkled with olive oil.One serving was enough for me although there were plenty for seconds. Some sheikh says they will provide more food tomorrow and asked us to come...but Khalel is kinda far away and I'll exhaust this week's fuel supply if I go tomorrow. I'll have to'd be the City Mosque tomorrow.

Sent Lutfi home and wnt to teh Village with Syuk to pick up my laptop and the chicken bought earlier. Had a lot of talk while eating vanilla ice cream with chocolate chip cookies but nature of our topics which will be kept to ourselves due to the seriousness of the discussion. But it was a good chat to close the firts night of Ramadhan of 2009.

This night will dissolve into another memory.

Welcome Back Ramadhan.

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