Monday, September 14, 2009

Ramadan 2009

I am not sure how many days of fasting I performed, it is up to Allah.

I am proud to say that I have performed tarawikh almost every night. I don't know why I become evry religious...nak subuh pun struggle..but Alhamdulillah, I have put more effort into my islamic obligations. This won't last long..prbably only on Raamdhan. or maybe I am doing tarawikh just so that I can forget about this shits that is happening around the world..and around me.

I have not eaten iftahar at home at all this month. have been breaking fast at the mosque.Usually go with Syuk as my roomates have other commitments. I have so far spent ifthar at 3 places,
Adelaide Mosque-food are good and just eniugh so you don't get too fukk
Khalel-amazing msoque and too much food.
Islamic Da'wa Centre- mostly african muslims come and bring a plethora of food.mostly rice and lamb dishes. Been here once and I have not had so much samosa than any other places at the IDC.

Uni life
Sucks as usual.I am getting lazier.

I declare I am very posessive about my car.You may borrow my pen without telling me..and I won't even mind if you don't return it..but I am really crossed if people just take my car in the middle of the morning..without telling where my car is being taken to...i don't care where yiu go..brothel..disco..worse..CATS..just tell me..because my car is not a pen. And I have every right to be mad because it is my property and I am paying alot in terms of rego and fuel for it.And yes...this shows I have a very large any men with a car does.

The project seems to have slowed down abit..or it is just us being sloppy. Had a presentation at Santos, only Martin and Erwin were there including some engineer listening from Moomba. It was a good practice and I was very pleased that we presented well althoygh I was hoping a bigger audience. Martin was not pleased that the otherr managers did not come.

Junk mail
Business a usual. It is spring and it seems more shops are dumping their junk mail on me..which means more money..hehe. Kinda fed up with the job and plan to give then contracts during the mid semester break to Apam.

Raya is either on the 20th or 21st of September. I am hoping it'd be the 20th as I have a presentation the next day!!! I am not sure whether my house wanna cook something..seems all of them have their own's pretty sad..I mean last years..we cooked this year I will join Syuk's house and cook up some rendang or something but I am determiend to enjoy Raya as much a spossiblethis year with the right crowd...!!!!!!No remeh temeh.

Spring Break
Plan to go drive around the Murray river, probably go to Loxton and then down through Mannum and Murray bridge. This will be a one night camping trip. The problem is when? I'd like to go during the weekend after Raya but there'd be the MASCA open house...not wanting to a lsoer..I'd like to attend that. So it be between 21st and 26th September then.This plan is will not wither.

Lastly, Happy ramadan everyone and Happy Eid(soon)!!!

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