Monday, September 21, 2009

Raya 2009

Air conditioning Lab
Settled.Last and only report of the semester.Did my part and shoved it to the the Masters students who were my lab mates to settle everything.

Did it twice and people kept asking me 'Hijaz...buat ape kau iktikaf'. I just answer 'Kerana Allah' and 'Kalau aku dok umah wat bende bodoh and dosa je'.I enjoy iktikaf in Adelaide. I did it 2 years ago because then I can drive the magna.Last year did not have a car, Alhamdulillah, Allah decided to have me bought a car so that I can worship him more this year.Alhamdulillah.

I am fascinated by lailatul-Qadr.Islam is so simple yet fulfilling. Most non-Muslim may think that we seek this night so that we can find a genie and request for 72 virgins. Lialatul-Qadr is just a special night at which Allah bestows his forgiveness.I am not sure which night was Lailatul-Qadr, probably that calm 26th night when Apam and I delivered the pamhplets.Dem.

Last Ramadan day
This year's Raamdan was the best. I may sound like a prick, but as I mentioned before, I find myself to more spiritual and calm or at least try to perform more solats.Alhamdulillah, I am sure I have done tarawikh for 26 nights, the other 3 nights I had to skip tarawikh for assignments and one night for delivering pamphlets.

Moon sighting
Went to West beach to see the new moon which means the starting of a lunar month. If there is no moon on the 29th night , then it means we have to fast on the thrteenth day, emaning Raya on Monday, which is also presentation day...that I no like. Apparently if anyone in Australia sees the new moon, then Raya is conformed on Sunday.And soemoned at Perth did.Alhamdulillah.

Night before Raya
I was invited and asked to join some friends at Maple and bake cheesecake for Raya.Though very hard and decided to join them...'lantak aku la nak pegi'. At least I'll be doing something.It was a fun night at maple, the celaning, the cooking, the baking and the chatting.Tawakkal joined us coz he lives with a bunch of chinese, so it makes snese he should join us.

1st Syawal
The plan was to go to Khaleel.But as usual, we woke up late.So ended up at City Mosque. For the Raya breakfast, no rendang, just some chicken chop, mashed taters and cheese cake with friends!!!!!

Open Houses
Village-as usual
Unley-Suzuki Virgo and tapau lots of rendang,kuih himpit and lamb.Thank Dr.Bad junior.
Kuchai's house-soo much kuih raya

Open house at Maple
Chicken chop and the food tapaued from Unley.

Car registration
Bye bye $169 and hard earned pamphlet cash.Dem SA Transport jack up the rego cost by $10.

Done and don't wanna talk about it

Core Test on 3rd Raya

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