Monday, July 20, 2009

Something new as I turn 23.

Since I had the stupid car...I just can't sit still, I just had to drive somewhere...or feel like driving somewhere to work..I just wanna.....keep moving and do something. Hence I've been applying for some lowly jobs but the only job I got is sending pamphlets and It does not involve driving. Hopefully some guy named Dan in Gumtree contacts me if his housemate's cousin couldn't do the cleaning job for their house really well.heh

Also, I just can't keep any money.I am generally very good at saving money,I mean, I don't spend uncontrollably and plan my spending but I have the habit of spending my savings on something I come across, like the Wii which suddenly looked so irresistable 2 weeks ago.I dunno, maybe it's a phase...but till and then spend..hahaha..I am never gonna save anough money for a marriage.

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ihsan_huhu said...

marriage? slmt r ko