Saturday, July 24, 2010

Will officially be a taxpayer!!!


A company specializing in dust control equipments used in the manufacuting industry.You can see their building besides the Batu Tiga Toll, an inconspicuous building with a polar bear on its crown.It is not a big company but I am confident they ca provide me with the opprtunity to pratice my engineering skills.Plus they are Swedish, with a Swedish Ang Moh boss...their mascot os a Polar Bear..I never knew Polar Bear is Swedish...I only kniw IKEA is Swedish...after Volvo got OWNED by China...

The interview

Last Thursday. Firstly met with the senior manager I guess, an old but elegantly professional Chinese lady who studied in Sydney ages ago I guess. Naturally, I maneuvered the interview into a chat about Australia which I am sure both of us enjoyed..who doesn't love Australia after studying there? She seemed please with my control of English and praised me as a bout of fresh hair...I am not exaggerating.It was a good change from the previous interview at MEMC...especially the session with the QA engineer..

The engineer

After that I had a short meeting with one of Blondal's engineer , two of them I guess.The firstengineer was a Chinese guy called Peter. He began explaining to me about the company's operation which sells engineering solutions with regards to dust control systems at manufacturing plants. Our meeting was conducted in another lady engineer's office, she is called Nadia, UK graduate who's worked with Blondal for 6 years.We had some chat too after Peter left from which he never returned.I politely asked my leave which Nadia accepted as I didn't want my mom to wait in the car outside any longer.I was abit pessimistic to be honest.

The job offer

After I got home, Peter called the house.My mobile was on silent so I didn't notice his 5 missed calls in the past 2 hours. He was offering a position as a Project Engineer..yes..a Project Engineer!!!!..not the Sales Engineer position as advertised.I was dumbfounded.I didn't expect to be given an offer immediately.I asked Peter that I will give my decision the next day.

Sleepless night

I was not sure.My mom was also not surre.Although she's pleased with the offer. I was still interested to wait for MEMC decision after my their interview with them and I still have an interview with MAS(a second interview after their stupid IQ and aptitude test the previous week). I still wanted to explore other options.I don;t want to be stuck in a jon I don't like..yes.fucke me..I am choosy..a spoilt brat MARA student..biasa le....

Fortunately,I had a good friend wo chatted with me the whole night. He got in touch with another girl I knew from Melbourne who underwent the same experience as I did. In the end, after receiving and processing their advices, I made my decision and said Yes to Peter the next morning.

Still restless

I have stopped applying for jobs at Jobstreet and concentrate on the interviews with MEMC and MAS and the job offer from Blondal. My take is that should MEMC offer me a position, I will have to,sadly, abandon Blodal's offer as I believe MEMC offers a better engineering experience (plus a chance to go to the States for training).Most importantly, MEMC is the closest MNC company which is in par with the likes of Intel,Western Digital and big MNC firms who dragged through three three interviews.I am also curious about MAS's offer, but personally, I will stick to Blondal even if MAS offer a position.From what I understand,MAS is offering me a 'Management Trainee' position which does not seem to affiliated with engineering.Well, we will have to see.

I am living proof that engineers typically spend 6 months jobless.

Was the 6 months worth it? Of course!!!Between the 6 months I went to Australia for my graduation, swam in a tank infested with Sharks an Stingrays in the Gold Coast,went shopping in Melbourne,played WiiFit until I got bored at home and went to Universal Studios Singapore and ride two awesome roller coasters.

It was all worth it and everything falls into order if we put effort in jobseeking and present yourself well during the interviews..good shirt and pants from Marks and Spencers and a neutral and confident English accent...hahhaa...let me brag a little..I think I deserve it.


ihsan_huhu said...

cograts. looking fwd to reading brags abt work

ainishamsi said...

I must agree with the confident english accent thingy. malaysians do buy it. hoho