Wednesday, July 21, 2010

MEMC Interview

The Interview

This is probably one of the toughest interviews I have attended. Three interviewers who asked th same question but demand different answers.

But this is good. As this shows that MEMC is looking for competent people, not some half baked assholes who went overseas but could not even speak English without mumbling and stuttering.If the interview is too easy,it means your gonna work in a sweat shop.

Supervising Engineer

The first guy is the engineer in charge of the MEMC KL Silicon plant.Nice guy, must have been handsome if he was younger if he's not losing too much hair.Pretty nice and relaxing.Asked alot of questions about my Final Year Project which I bragged about in my resume. With my stupid results,I am pinning my hope on my gempaq project so hey..I deserved it. I know the answers but explaining stuff to an engineer is so damn hard as It took me awhile of babble before the guy finally said 'that's what I was looking for'.But after that it was all chat and stuff until a rather peculiar looking engineers or otaku came into his office abruptly and forced a form upon my interviewer to sign. It was a very funny moments as those two guys of different 'coolness' exchanged jokes..that small moment seem to make the journey through the morning rush hour to this spartan factory rather meaningful.

The Director

The session with him was OK. We initially had some short chat about Australia before he grilled me about what I was studying and did during my work experience stint with SAS. I never lied and did the best i can with my Engggrishhhh....explaining that I am a competent engineer with passion. But it was a tough session nontheless.

The QA Engineer

It takes another Malaysian to make you feel down. The Chinese Malaysian was rather stern and not as jolly as the previous two.While the Ang Mohs never cared to see my transcript the QA guy persued my transcript and even remerked that I was weak in Maths which I humblly accept with much humiliation. The worst session of the interviews.

Post mortem

I am sure I was prepared and know the answers to what they asked.But their question were different and quite unexpected. As a consequent, I had trouble cobbling up a straight answer and ended up giving two three answers before they were happy.This is not good. But I am still optimistic as I was really honest with my answers which I gave with much enthusiasm and I can only pray for the best. As I said before, I can just look for other jobs although I would really like to see America even if it is for training.Que sera sera I guess.

More Interviews

I am really edging closer to the 6 month limit of being unemployed. I started looking for a job actively in february so I am officially 6 months unemployed although I did work with UniKL from April to July.No worries. I have another interview with Electrolux tomorrow and some lady called me just now to call me for an interview but the line was bad and she vaguely said she'll call me again.Insya-Allah, opportunities are abundant in this short world.

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