Monday, July 26, 2010

Getting to the job place

The Office and where it is

My designated office will be at Blondal HQ in Batu Tiga, right smack in the midde of the federal highway.

Getting there

Of car!! But I dislike the idea of using the horrible car infested Federal Highway not to mention the tolls amounting to RM7 per day by taking the Sprint Highway and then DUKE or RM13 by taking PLUS and DUKE. It will cost, by my estimate,RM350 on toll and fuel(estimating I use RM200 per mont) not to mention the RM250 per month for a second hand car(my estimate using a 2nd hand Atos as bench mark). All in all transport will consume close RM600 if I include miscellanoeius such as junk food I chew while being stuck in the Federal Highway!!! And my company will only provide RM300 transportation cost!!!

I could skip the tolls and get up really early like 5am and then brave the Federal Highway saving me RM150 per month f tolls. But that leaves me with less time a internet addict human being.


There is a Batu Tiga KTM Komuter station, but it is on the other side of the federal Highway,DAMNIT, hence I will have to cross an underpass a km away and then walk another 2km to get to Blondal!!

I have walked from Norwood to Adelaide countless if times and it takes 5o miniutes of leisurely walk to cover 4km!!!

The KJ line+KTM trip will probably consume close to 1 hour.

So in the end I will spend close to 4 hours per day walking in the sticky climate and then packed like a sardine in the short and narrow KTM and KJ line coaches.

The cost:
KTM Komuter Monthly Pass: RM84
LRT Pass: RM100

Thank you Malaysia for having a fucked up public transport system which is basically useless once you stepped outside the LRT and KTM station!!!

Maybe I will buy a foldable bike and cycle like a clown to Blondal!!!!!! ego as a Malaysia will not allow me stoop low as the Indons and Banglas..gaspp..!!!!

Car it is then......I guess...oh MEMEC..please offer that fucking training post!!!

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