Friday, July 30, 2010


70 Posts(+1 today)

Wow..I never knew I wrote so much entries....I wrote 30+ pieces last year and just went through all of it since much memories. I started this blog when I first arrived in Australia..!! The first entry was about the trip to Melbourne in 2006!! As I was a very lenghthy and inelegant writer, the first entry was so crammed with details that I conjurred vivid memories when I wrote them!!! My inelegant long 'essays' continued,mostly about my travelling in Australia,m such as the Morialta falls trip with Zaipul,Ajay and Zahied which confirmed that those three capitos were not my invisible friends back then before they warped into some other dimension for the next three years(never actually met them in 2009,saw them from afar but that's it). My 'essay' misadventure was proving exhausting after which I will hibernate this blog for several months...with entries being 4-6 months frome each other!!!

Blog=Alter Ego?

2009 changed. I became strangely active. When I red what i wrote, I feel I was reading the blog of a different Hijaz Hasnan. I felt that the Hijaz in 2009 was lonely, felt victimized and angry. To sum up..I was really emo and I think I was. From what I can see, I wrote entyries everytime I felst stressed, especially after project meeting or when my 'former' housemates make a douche of themselves and annoy me which is extremely rare(1 or 2 entries, so I managed to control my 'emo' and not lambast at some particular person). Reading these past entries was truly interesting and made me gratelful that I am alreade a Degree holder in Aerospace Engineering babe!!! The Hijaz in 2009 was striggling and hallucinaing about failures for every second in 2009!! But It is sad I ddin't write my NZ adventures, It would have been another long and inelegant 'essay' but would have contained so much details compared to the 10+GB of photos that I do not care to see again!!!

To sum up, I am glad I wrote those entries,lots of lessons from past years and plenty of beautiful memories.I will persevere to continue alter ego...the memories embedded in the WWW.

Back to life

Picked up the offer letter on Thursday,quite late as I was pre-occupied with other worldly things.Drove to Subang>>>>DUKE>>>Federal Highway>>>>.Subang Airport Ramp>>>>Dhungy industrial building>>>>Blondal.

The offer letter was picked, Ms.Ding, the old elegant lady which interviewed me last week, has a bit of chat, telling me about salary issues which still do not comprehend and do not bother to explain here and what to expect of my job.Fine.I opened the letter later.

The offer letter

To tell you the truth.Terrible. 6 working days per week, 8 days leave per year until 2013(other companies my friends work in gave 20+ days!!!) and only RM3000 medical coverage.

I am not impressed and Ms.Ding was screwing me telling me how my 'commission will be several times my base salary, but I ain't see the commsion yet and for all I know the commission will probbably be dispensed after the project is finished which may be several month and several years!! At the end, it will not make much difference after spreading the commission over the months!!!!

I am really praying MEMC to give me that training job..Insya-Allah, but I will still work with Blondal..I may seem pessikistic but 'belum cuba belum tahu'..who knows Ms.Ding is not screwing me and I may get some good bonuses if we get good projects this year...despite the fact that Blondal's client, Nestle is relocating to Indonesia.

Plus, I am sick of staying home with the hamster....

SoPo stuff(Extremely inelegantly long)

Haha..since I have began a misadventure into the world of SoPo blogs, I would like to begin a long inelegant essay on a particular subject, the Malay rights.

As you may know, in exchange for the citizenship of non-Malays in 1957, the Malay or bumiputera rights was enshrined, where the federal government has the right to mobilize the nation;s resources skewed to the benefits of the bumiputeras which is alsonthe majority and make up the working class and low to low middle class of Malaysian society.

These privilieges cover many areas. Scholarships, housing and government jobs and many others such as Malay land titles etcetera.The right have been utilised for decades to uplift the economic status of the Malays.The most positive legacy of the bumi rights, manifested through the DEB and then the NEP is the provision of education to the Malays. My mom and uncle ate beneficiaries of the MARA overseas programme and I dare say they are successful products of the NEP.My mom is now a Master holder and Honors Degree holder in English Literature but now is an experienced Marketing Senior Manager at a Tier 6 University(really good university) while my uncle, who initially a Civil Engineer is now an IT specialist for a subsidiary of Swiss Bank which only allow very talented people to work with them.My uncle speaks French and German which are the spoken languages in Switzerland.

Other legacies include a largely Malay Civil Service which provided about 1 million stable jobs to Malays and government incentives and favours when it comes to business opportunties.As a consequent, GLCs are run mostly by Malays.There are successes and failured.Sime Darby and Petronas are successful Malay GLC ventures. Petronas in particular is the bastion of Malay professionalism for being one of the most successful oil companies in the world while oil companies such as Pertamina in Indonesia which handles more oil resources is cionstantly failing to meet expectations. Other companies such as Proton have mix successes but is currently doing well and has been successful in deleoping a local auto technology and MAS which despite having financial problems managed to carve a good reputation under Malay stewardship while companies like Renong went bust despite successfully built the North-South highway which is a massive engineering feat. Whether successful or failure, these ventures had created a new class of professional Malays ranging from academcians, Project Managers, and Engineers.

Despite government assistance, Malaysia's econoic landscape is dominatd by the minorities particularly the Chinese. Notice anything during CNY,Chap Goh Meh and even Wesak? All distribution of food and raw materials grinds to a halt. There will be sugar and cement shortages and everyone have problems!! The Chinese, dominate the economy end to end. The harvest the raw materials and process them to the finished products, hence, the private sector and the factories are dominated by the Chinese.This gave a them a leverage over the majority. Despite Chinese interest groups accusing the Malaysian government of being unfair to the brink of ethnic cleansing, the Chinese, through their dominance of the private sector causes more damage to the Malays. Malays, no matter how good their education backround, are routinely denied job opportunties. Why? Look at Chinese companies even MNC companies, the HR Manager will surely be a Chinese.Many tales I heard on how a Chinese from UTAR is given the engineer position over the Malay who went to the University of Melbourne. The Chinese will always give excuses that the Malay candidate have poor English proficiency and even have the audacity to to require Mandarin proficiceny, denying many professional private sector jobs to 65% of the population.In terms if business, Malay businesses can never beat the Chinaman companies as the Malays can never get the raw materials such as cement and timber as cheaply as other Chinaman to the extent that Malay companies have to hire Chinese consultants and pay them grossly just because they could talk Ah Pek to the Chinese supplier. The Chinses in Malaysia, have a strong Social Capital, waht does that means? Simply cronismes and nepotisme, favors for the same ethnicity built upon generations upon generations since the clan days. This is not racism and many Chinese are innocently unaware that they are probably the biggest practitioners of cronisme in Malaysia despite being self professed meritocracy society. As a cosnequent of their massive Social Capital, Chinese graduates, even at diploma level can get better higher paying jobs than a PhD Malay while and experience Malay can never get higher pay than a poorly experienced Chinama at his level.

Proof, my uncle and my aunties. My uncle once came back to work for the Mykad project.My uncle was one of the specialist working for a Chinese contracting IT company.Despite having decades of experiecne and being an expert programmer and willing to come back to Malaysia for lesser pay than what he earned in Zurich, my uncle was perplexed that his pay is lesser than the a fresh graduate who was attached to him.Reason? The chinaman was some long distant relative of the company's director or something and the chinaman newbie was rude to my uncle and was only an obstacle to him.That chinaman would probably now brag how the Zurich Malay is inferior to him and took all my uncle's credit. My uncle naturaly returned to Zurich after his ex-boss begged him to come auntie, she works for ana devrtising company, Chinese owned.My auntie worked hard and aptly rewarded, but sadly, her pay will never be as high as her chinese counterpart, Her artner can't even speak proper English and her boss sold his Merc at cheap price to his Chinese employees, but he will never offer such discount to his Malay employees, and my Auntie is still stuck with her Kelisa while her gagap partner driver the boss' ex-Mercedes.

The Malays despite its 'crutches' are still margizanlized despite being educated. Many Malays are now at a level playing field as the Chinese and are proven to be as skilful. Many Malays such as myself, are educated and have self confidence and have skills to offer to the nation, but we will have hurdles in securing a professional job because of our skin color and our non Mandarin language handicap. AEven if we get jobs, our pay will be low and we will have to work very hard and get abused because the Chinese boss thinks we are a waste of taxpayer money, never mind that almost RM50 billion are in the hands of 40 Chinaman while Chinaman are very good at tax evasion with which they buy their Ah beng pimped Mercdes and BMW. Never mind that they are the ones that snap up the million dollar condos and villas around the country. Sure there are poor Chinaman, there will always be poor Chinaman, but opportunities are open to them far wider than the Malays(and Indians to a large extent), employment and even borrow money from Chinese companies and clans.

The government's requirement of having Malay partners in companies is to allow the Malays to penetrate the Chinese Social Capital and tap its resources, But the Chinaman are a jealous guardian and most of the malay partners they select are the incompetent lots.No Malays partner will ever be successful in a Chinese dominated company and will be regulated to a directorship doing nothing.

The Malays have balanced the Chinese economic dominance wthrough poltical power, But that has changed. The Malay votes has been split, thanks to the ego of a single convicted sodomite to become Prime Minister and the hatred of a self proclaimed Muslim Cleric who hates another group of Malays which he considefrs as bad as infidels but sleeing on the same bed as the pagan and jesuite Chines chauvinists. You know who they are.

Now, the government is being blackmailed by the minority whose weight in the democratic scale has increase significntly. The millions of RM foe Chinese schools that teach Chinaboys and Chinagirls in a language of a forein country and teaching false history(now Chin Peng is refarded as a freedom fighter by many Malaysian?) and demands for more scholarships despite 48% of the JPA scholarships being awarded to non Bumis...I bet they will not be hapy until no Malay are given any MARA loands even for a Certificate.

Last week, there are calls for the 7% bumi discount for >RM500l homes to be scrapped. To the Chinaman and blind Liberal and UMNO hater Malays, this may seem like a Robin Hood triumph over the UMNO nobleman. But try to see the big picture, hiw much does a terrace house cost? In Penang and KL? RM500k!!! My mom even had to share with my auntie to buy a terrace house in Shah Alam that is already RM500k...and that's only leasehold!!! 7% is alot,and makes a difference.I assure you many Malay buyers are working class, engineers, leacturers and manager who probably have to take 20-30 year loans buying a terarce house or an upscale condo(that could reach RM500k) where they can raise their children in a better environment..7% coul mean some extra thousand RM for their children education and some life's comfort..there are not many obsecenly rich Malays to hoarde on all the bumi allocated luxury homes and bleieve me, most bumi unist are eventually sold to non bumis or foreigners after a years if no bumi steps up and that happens alot.

Hence, I bring to you the question. Do we still need the NEP? Not just for yuu, but for the kampung folks, for the Malays who may not get straight A's like the Chinaman with 20As but could not speak proper Bahasa but have other talents or the Malay who is gifted in arts.Some months ago while on MARA carnival in Perak, we met a Malay boy who took a bus from Kelantan who arrived 6am at Ipoh and waited for hours at the MARA Perak office....we looked at his results..not straight As..his STPM cukup makan..but enough for a Degree programme.....did he deserve it? he came all the way from Kelantan...he has the determination and we registered him for a Degree programme in engineering.......will he get the opportunity without the NEP?


ihsan_huhu said...

true ideed, but umno nobleman is an oxymoron

Hijaz Kamal said...

Well, UMNO is probably the only defensive(albiet many holes and leaks) that stands between the normal Malaysya(the mak cik,pakici,kampungboys whose only concern is getting good education,jobs and have families) from the chauvinists who wants more.It'd be interestimng to see how Perkasa will fill in the gaps on that wall?

But I agree we should eliminate the UMNO nobleman. Perkasa sugggested that we do away with the MRSM and boarding school systems that are producing these elites which are hoarding the NEP riches.They get to go to school for free(despite being from rich families),they get the scholarships and they get better jobs due to connections through ANSARA and alumni....

Imagine, RM400 million for a several thousands of MRSM students who mostly come from rich families while only RM400 million for MARA colleges(KPM,IKBN,Polytech MARA) for tens of thousands of Malay students who needed more financial help.We are distributing money mostly to the lessd deserving.

MARA and NEP need to prioritise its resources. The MRSM program has expired.It was meant to create schools where budak2 kampung can learn in a better equipped environment.Things are not as bad as decades ago. These elite boarding schools are only a stupid rat race with the stupid gagap Chinese schools for straight A zombie students who have no passion.No offense to MRSM students, its not ur fault..we are all victims of a poorly run system..