Monday, July 19, 2010


According to my deteriorating Sijil Beranak, I came out from some lovely hole at 4am this morning 23 years and 40 minutes ago.So here I am 4o minutes to becoming 24..I am getting too olf for this.

I remember being depressed last year during this time because I had a supplementary exam..fuck Aircraft Design..dem useless subject.Right now I feel cam biase2 je.tak stress..hahahhaa...but I am abit stress because there is a hamster lost in my room and so far it has not gone for the pile of kuaci under the bed not to mention the third interview with a bloody US semi-con company this Wednesday...doa2 dapat..ble berlagak gi US 6 bulan..kalo tak's another trip down jobstreet.

Whatever it is, the way I think of my age is..if I get a loan for a decent freehold 2 storey terrace house of abour RM500 000 which is typical in the Klang Valley and even Penang, it'll take me 30 years to repay 54 then I'll own a house.....before that hutang kereta if I am unlucky ade bini dan anak!!!!! Worse if I'm gay coz metrosexual partners are ridiculously expensive because I won't be the bitch.

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ihsan_huhu said...

xckop jambu nk jadik bitch pon