Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The MAS Interview


Figure 1: Insomniac

I dunno why, but I can't damn sleep last night and ended up reading endless SoPo blogs that I got a really bad migrain.


Woke up quite late.It was raining in the morning and it was heaven sleeping in the cool and damp air,Woke up at 10am,slogged through the shower for quite a long time, cloth myself in office attire and the South Korean tie my mom bought in Seoul and departed to Subang airport.

Malaysia Hospitality,MH

Arrived there at 1.30pm exaclt, as the email from MAS syas they'll have a 'Case Study' before the intyerview by 1.30pm.The HR executive came half an hour late, opened the interview room and we received the Essay Question about the viability of a silly Local restaurant which offer 100 dishes at too many branches which is suffering from poor profit growth.Duhhhh..memangla..which dumbfuck franchise offer 100 dishes!!! Look at 'Chicken Rice Shop','Laksa Shack','Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa' and 'Mee Rebus Ramli'!!....see a pattern!!? I attacked the subject subtly.

This is MH at it best

The panels of intreviewers were in a meeting so important that they made us(four interwees including me) wait until 5pm!!!!!Between that I went to their greasy cafetaria and ate Kuey Teow and a glass of extremely sweet sirap bandung and went back to the spartan interview room with posters of destinations that the poorly networked MAS is no longer serving such as New Mexico and Ipoh.. I was so bored that I napped on the sofa after failing to take interest in the financially troubled Reader's Digest magazines.

Eventually, two interwees, who has been waiting since morning as they had to sit for the IQ and aptitude test asked for their leave ane requested another alternative session. The apologetic HR executive as accommodating and gave permission.Then the two interviewers came!!!! I went in first at around 4.45pm.

MH Interview

The interviewers were a man and a lady.Both Malays, so as usual, borak je banyak after the usual 'Talk about yourself' and 'What is your weakness?'. From what i see, they were quite surprised that the 100kg Malay boy with the horribly short crew cut hair in front them could speak coherent English. ..haaha..they took some interest in me and began asking stuff about my school, my university and what I did, like I said, borak borak, I was being cautious so I brag myself on how I like trying new things, diligent, can work in unsupervised environment bla bla bla and talking about places I've been to which made me miss Australia so much..demit. The borak2 cum intreview took about 30 minutes which ended with me questioning about the positions they are offering.

Management Trainee

Apparently MAS is 'compelled' to a hiring free to employ 64 staff which will be rotated through various departments in a year and evaluated before they are permamnently attached to their repsective departments. I am also happy to hear they are also finding people for their Engineering department. So there is a chance for me to become an engineer but the management may have other things for me in store, so I my end up fucked up in Marketing or HR..but hey.at least I would be working in an industry closely related to my degree!!!!

Overall, the interview went well, but I don't know, all my interviews before this went well and the decisions are still pending. Overall, MEMC still offers the best opportinuty to be an engineer cum slave at a hideous factory, Blondal' position is largely a sales type of engineering and I am not sure where MAS will throw me in their large pool of staff of 20 000 people!!! Like I said, I will just start with Blondal first and wait for offers from MAS and MEMC.No more interviews after this..tak larat faking my smile and talking proper English!!

All is well!!

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