Thursday, February 25, 2010


Photog Revival

My dedication to photography....initated by the purchase of the Rebel..suppressed by the hectic life of a 4th Year Engineering course...has now exploded.

It all started after several which I experimented with photo editing and HDR. I knew I will not go anywhere with a kits lens.

As mentioned previously, the nnes trip was the precursor to the lens shopping spree. The telephoto lens was the first followed by the Sigma. I never regretted buying these lens.

Victor Harbor

Joined Isma trip to Victor Harbor and along the way went our own way. Borowed Alif's Sigma and had a good time trying out wide angle/landscape photography. Good training before I get mine.

West Beach

Got the Sigma on Monday.Went to the city with it but did not take any photos..I find the city an uninteresting place to test the Sigma.

Yesterday went to West Beach with Lutfi and Tawakkal. Too lazy to bother that everyone that promised to come did not come...It was damn good day to finally use my Sigma for the first time. Sucks to stay at home when you can see the sun set over a cloudless horizon which is rare even for SA.

The Sigma did not break it promise to deliver amazing pictures and I will be looking forward to using it tomorrow at Kangroo Island and during the ferry trip.

Balik malaysia

Two weeks befire finally going home. Would have gone earlier but my family is going to Singapore in a week for some Paramore week everyone will be at uni..and I'll be...dunno..doing nothing or just hang around playing with my camera.

Nissin D-622

The reasonfor the title of this entry is because I've added a new gear. This time a flash gun. The west beach yesterday demonstrated the limitation of a SLR at taking a sunset. I had to edit all of the pictures and manipuate the exposure and vibrancy before theu look nice. So decided I might as well add this crucial gear before going back to Malaysia. It will arrive in 10 days.Less I hope.Looking forward to it.

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