Sunday, February 07, 2010

into 2nd Week of February

Arsyad Balik

Enough Said.

And we watched a Tamil movie yesterday night with Tawakal who came lepak with us. From the movie, I concur that Tamil people have very nice moustaches and they are impervious to beatings from many people at the same time.

Before the Tamil Movie

Why Tawakal lepak at Maple. Because we went makan2 at another Afghan shop at Prosperct at Arsyad's recommendation. Very Lawashish, but better and abit expensive, but it was good food and we enjoyed ourselves. Other than the Maplians, there was panda Aswad.

West Beach

After Prospect, we went to West Beach just before sunset. Ikhwan ,Tawakal and I bathe in the cool sea water. It was a fantastic aftrenoon as there were quite a number of people at the beach to give the beach a lively mood and we also watched the sky changes color from azure blue, gradually stained yellow, orange and red as the the the sun gradually slumbers into the horizon.It was a fantastic afternoon.Will go there again later because I want to see Arsyad frollick in the sea for the first time..damn I have strange fetish since he came back....

Just Now

In a world dominated by vampires(godsend world to Twilight freaks), a vampire, in his posh car with tinted windows and cameras so that sun fearing vampires can drive in daylight, a macho looking vampire, emerged into the daylight, wearing a cool looking sunglass..and the car's computer bleeped...

Pidut: tu cakap 'Don't be horny?'

In reality the computer bleeped 'You'be been warned' so that the macho vampire does not burn himself silly in the sun..haha.

Pidut mmg mantap!!!

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