Thursday, February 04, 2010

1st week February

Kindle 2

I was gonna buy it.But Whispernet is not available in Malaysia, what's whispernet? In the US, the Kindle constantly hooked to Amazon so that you can buy ebooks. Outside the US, accessing whispernet is problematic because you need a US address to buy ebooks.Amazon is so dumb, Ipad is gonna kill Kindle.

Ipod 3.1

Frustrated with the Kindle. I upgraded my Ipod Touch software and downloaded Kindle. No books I wanted and started experimenting with the Ipod Touch as a replaement for the Kindle. Using a free app, I downloaded a pirated pdf of Mortal Engines by Philip Reeve(would have bought it but no Kindle version in Amazon). Reading the pdf on the Ipod Touch was OK, eye strain is expected, you can only read for 20 minutes continuously and your eyes will ache. The small Ipod Touch screen is also not helping(now I know why they put tseroids into the Ipod to create a Ipad!! It makes sense).So far so good. Will be looking forward to buy a book from Kindle,m but for now, it's pirated novels.


I have been yapping about his but my bro and I plan to go to Switzerland. I have to. My passport will expire next year. The cheapest fare is on Qatar Airlines.Insya-Allah jadi.Bcause this plan is bullet proof.

Adelaide Life

Do not know what to do. Just went to the city on Wednesday to settle some uni stuff and had takoyaki at sushi's gonna be a long month. Hopefully MARA will book my ticket ASAP...


One of the greatest pleasure in Adelaide is driving. I will never enjoy driving in KL as I do in Adelaide.It's so fun that yesterday I drove to Norwood in Dr.Syahril's car just to get my blue bag just for the sake of driving....aku memang dah takde life

Job Hunt

Oh..applied here and there on Jobstreet and rejected by several companies goes on

Master of the city

As you may know. I have a contract delivering junk things in the city, or a part of it. Very productive as I get more money from this area. I deliver in the morning and the city is as dead in the wee of the morning as any other suburbs that you'd swear everyone's dead that I sometimes like to tickle my imaginatiosn that there are zombie around the corner...hahhaha..and it dies creep me out and give goosebumps when i imagine too much. This job is annoying but I am gonna miss it....try working like this in KL and I might end up as a crippled mute beggar somewhere begging.Yes..I am very negative about Kl yet I yearn so much to go back.....more sodomy,rape and murders in the Star as usual..that's my home...raining rocks.


ihsan_huhu said...

xckop jambu xdek nyer org nk liwat ko

Hijaz Kamal said...

bodo...mane aku ckp psl liwat..