Friday, January 29, 2010

Gadgets of the year

The Ipad

Just knew about it 3 days ago a day before it slaunch from "The View" and "7pm project'. Everyone was talking about it. I wa sat Norwood, folding junk mail.No internet for 2 days.

The next day it hit the news.As usual, everytime you see an Apple product, you'd want it, no matter how overhyped the specifications are.

I like the Ipad,because of its looks. Functionwise, it'd be as useless as my Ipod Touch which I purely use to hear the same 20 musics over and over again. But I like the size, it'd be ideal to read a PDF file on a A4 sized tablet/slate.Why it matters to me, because i've caught the addiction of reading downloaded PDF articles and textbooks and reading them on a laptop is annoying and eye straining.

Other problems of the Ipad
-No flash
-I probably use it to check emails and browse eventually.
-Not much different from Iphone/Ipod Touch in many ways

To me, after experience with the Ipod Touch, you should keep the cameras, phones, MP3 and MP4 separately.That'w why I still stickm to my trustworthy K800, the 1000D and the Ipod Touch. I use them one at a time. Carrying them is not problem, I have pockets on my pants and I always carry a greenbag.

The Kindle

Naturally, I'd research other alternatives to the Ipad. And I fell in love with it.

Introducing the Kindle. It has been awhile for awhile but not as glamprous as any Apple products but it works well in what it does. To let people read stuff.And I like reading.

What is it? It is an ebook. A digital book. Instead of carrying books, you buy books online from Amazon. Books costing $30 can be bought at$10 at which is the typical cost of a book in Malaysia($10=RM30).The facts that you could carry 1500 downloaded books with the Kindle makes me drool. Not to mention the downloaded pirated textbooks and articles you can read in PDF format.

Evaluating the Kindle I decided I want and need it. I have a camera, a MP3 player,and a phone. An ebook is an excellent addition to my collection of gadgets which I eventually stop using. If I do abandon this thing, I can always pass it to my mom, provided she knows how to use it quickly enough.

Will consider options buying this next week/month while I am still in Australia. Amazon does not ship to Malaysia due to obvious reasons, as there are sharks at our postal service and immigration departments.

Not to forget...

The Google Nexus One

What about it? An HTC cellphone with touch screen carrying the Android OS by Google. To me, just another Iphone. I prefer this though over the Iphone. But the Kindle coems first coz it's cheaper than the Ipad,Iphone and Nexus One at about AUS$300 compared to the $500++ for the others.

We'll see wheter I'd buy the Kindle or not coz I am really nervous about buying stuff ising and having stuff shipped from the US.Plus my OZ debit card expired yesterday, may have to get anew debit card or use the Malysia credit card Mama lend me.


ihsan_huhu said...

ape brg separate2..all in 1 lg bgs., sng nk bawak naik beskal

Hijaz Kamal said...

so far aku ulang alik uni naik beskal dgn laptop n dslr dlm beg biru aku tu ok je..hehe