Tuesday, January 26, 2010

January 2010

End of January coming
It's been a monts or two since I officially finished my degree. What have I been doing? Mostly browsing the internet, looking for jobs. I have applied for 41 posts at jobstreet and have summoned all the 'cables' available to my mom and dad.

Summer is not that bad. There are weeks that are insanely hot follwed but moderately comfortable temperatures.

Stuff I bought
Been straining to curb my overspending but eventually i bougt a 640GB hard disk from officeworks for $129. It was a bargain and there were selling fast(Ehsan even bought one).

Where I been
Not much.The airport mostly.

Apam balik
Talking about airport, apam went back to Malaysia last week.Hilang la satu geng, although I rarely lepak with him, but not being able to see him when i need to somehow makes me lonelier.

Syuk pun balik
Not to forget, Syukri also went back a week before Apam's. I can't believe I miss him.I do....but as a friend la......he's not my type. Miss his lectures..miss his confidence..miss his taunts..miss his scraggy beard..miss his annoying morning disturbance for morning prayers.....

Missing someone else
Oh yes...missing that person so much that it drives me crazy

Bye2 facebook
Deactivated facebook..for awhile..sick of it

Balik Malaysia
Requested MARA to buy a ticket on the 13th March. Cannot tahan already..I do not belong to Adelaide anymore..the plan for PR is dead..I wanna spend my $$ on something else..probably travel to Switzerland finally..either June of December.

Indian bashing
It is clear..the Aussies do not want migrants especially the indians and chinese and other aisans flooding their country. Everytime I talk to an Aussie they will always ask whether I'm gonna stay and they'd grin ear to ear if you say you'll go back to your god forsaken third world country..I don't wanna find out what they'll say of I say 'Yes..I am gonna stay in Australia and have lots of children!!!'

Air Asis flights to new Indian cities
Yahoo!!! Air Asia finally flying to Mumbai!!!! Now can plan my future Taj Mahal trip and it's not gonna be a honeymoon trip.

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