Saturday, January 09, 2010

My very first summer

The temperature
Between 30-45 degrees. As for today, it was 44 degrees. Despite the killer heat, we still went out to Radio rental just to get out of the house which is virtually a very large oven.

Where am I staying
As usual at Maple. Although I am still paying the rent at Norwood till February, the house has no interent which makes it unfit for habitation. I still go there to pick up the junk mail and tidy up my stuff. I feel very depressed everything I go there.It is a very nice house though.

The university haa not finalized the exact dates. It is really annoying. I need the dates so that my mom can book the flight tickets at the right time. But Air Asia flightb has gotten more expensive that my familiy proceeded to buy the tickets.They'll arrive at 14th April, exactly on the first day of the graduation ceremonies. Pray my ceremony is after 14th April.

Video Games
There's a Wii, a PS2 and now an Xbox 360 at Maple. What more do you need? The problem is I don't play games that much and occasionally do some Wii Sports Resort. I just bought Redsteel which is a shooter game which really optimizes the functionality of the Wiimote and Nunchuks. You can use the Wiimote to shoot a gun, slice your enemies with a katana and throw hand grenades!!! Hopefully I play more games after this. Buy I died playing Redsteel in the first scenario and I lost interest already. I really sucks at games and it is really embarrassing.

Went to DIMIA twice this week checking out the Grad Visa. DIMIA has made it almost almost impossible for foreigners to apply for grad visa. The stupid requirements just put you off and jacked the initial cost of $230 to almost $700!!!. We wanted to do a grad visa but they want a good behavior letter from Malaysia and knowing bureucracy sucks in Malaysia, we had to forget it. So, we have only one option, the tourist visa.This sucks.

Job hunting
Alreadt have a Jobstreet account. Had two rejections already. At least I know employers in Malaysia do care about my applications. I am targeting for engineering jobs in KL, Penang,Perak and Negeri Sembilan.Places I am familair with. I am hoping to get a trainee engineer position ar Klang with ARA Rail which is involved in rail tranpsort in KL. As you may know, the government is expanding the LRT and KTM service and hopefully ARA Rail will get many jobs and require fresh engineering graduates like me.

I am also exploring the options of doing Masters. Already have a degree in Aerospace engineering. I don't feel satisfied with this degree. Very few employment opportunities.I know it's my fault for choosing this course but I was yiung and naive then. Throughout the four years of studying engineering at uni, I have done alot of consideration and think and have decided that I would like to be involved in the transport and logistics engineering field. My second passion after planes are trains and Malaysia is currently expanding its public transportation system espcially the KTM rail networks and the LRT in the Klang Valley. I would like to be involved in the development of rail transportation in Malaysia, I've scouted relevant courses in UniAde and UniSA and discovered UniSA offers a Masters in Transport Engineering System. I will try to apply for a MARA loand for this Masters next week. Just an effort.

I hate this year.The reasons. Lots.But I do not blame anyone.

I really miss someone. But i think that person don't like me.LOL.

New lens
I am really hopeless in photography. I need a new lens before the passion runs out, Will try to work and earn $569 to buy a Sigma 10-20mm f4 wide angle lens for my rebel.


Chen Chow said...

Hope you don't get discouraged by the 2 rejections. Do keep on applying. Hopefully, you would be able to get some positive responses!

Good Luck!

Best wishes from staff of

ihsan_huhu said...

oz mmg kje nk cekau duit je.