Wednesday, February 10, 2010



Yesterday was pamphlet folding day!!!! Being a good multitasker I folded between 12pm to 430pm until Ikhwan called me to go to the beach. What the heck. Off we go.....

Grange Beach

Nice beach. Shallow and the waterwas war. Finally got to see Arsyad frolicking....hahaha. The water was warm and the sky as any summer sky was azure blue with wisps of clouds at the horizon.

Swimming in the sea was tiring and slept at around 10pm...woke up at 130am due to the intense nigh heat(31 degrees!)..drove to Norwood and god know how I managed to deliver junk mail to 700 mailboxes in three hours. A record.


Woke up at 1pm!!!! Slept at Norwood coz was too tired from the morning delivery. Went to Maple...home sweet home. Paid for the apartment at Moonta with Ikhwan's debit card. Again...I was invited to go to the beach with Amza and some of his friends.Off we go to West Beach at 6pm.Tawakkala rrived 1 hour too early...pity him.

West Beach 2nd visit

Nothing fancy.WE just hit the waves..just the three of us ..the other don't shy to swim I guess.. what's the point coming to a gorgeous beach on a sunny day if you don't swim. the watre was also war. I prefer the West beach as the water is deeper than in Grange Beach which makes sense why the sailing guys launch their boats from West Beach rather than the beaches further North,

After 1 hour or so, packed up, walked along the beach to see some SA scouths beach fishing.From afar they crowding together and we thought there was either a beached whale/dolphin or they found a dead body. Nothing fancy. It was quite a nice scene seeing the small scouts persistently fishing at the teethe of the waves with their parents.

After that, went to the Adelaide Mosque, for Maghrib and off to Queenz pizza to have two family pizzas which I think were the best pizza I've ever tasted, the toppings were thick and cheesy.

And after that, went back to Maple, Tawakkal and Amza went back to their homes, a 5 minute black out occured and here I am........doing this entry..

Good night!!!1

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