Friday, February 19, 2010

Two lens in two weeks.........


Innes National Park

It was fun and beautiful.Spent a whole proper day at the National Park. At the same time, tested Ikhwan's EFS 55-250mm lens and decided that such lens is very useful. Banked in $XXX into Ikhwan's account.

Figure 1:An ordinary telephoto lens for a noob

Figure 2: One of the test photos using the 55-250mm which made me decided that it was worth the $XXX paid for it.

Sigma 10-20mm

Since I already have a telephoto lens, I decided to just click the buy button on ebay for a wide angle Sigma 10-20mm lens. At least when I get back to Malaysia, I can at least show off I am a good photographer with at least three lens instead of the stupid kits lens...hahahha.

Figure 3: An ordinary wide angle lens for a noob with an extraodinary $XXX pricetag. There goes my graduate visa.Coming soon this Monday thanks to FedEx.

Photo editing

After being such a complete noob in photo editing, I've began using editing photos, not Picasa but Light Room and Photomatix and the results made me think 'Why the heeeee didn't I think of that earlier'.

Figure 4: My forst HDR image using Photomatix.

Kangaroo Island

The idea has officially become bulletproof. Will be booking ferry tickets and a holiday house tomorrow. Money flows like water but as a son from a middle income family that is not a life threatening issue.

Hello Kangaroo island for the third time.

A look into the world

As usual. The war in Iraq and Afghanistan,the $ drained into the occupation of these two countries is like the cost to counter two Soviet Empires. The socialist Greek gahmen went bust and could not even pay their civil servants. US economy is crap. The most famous sodomy case in the world is occurring in Malaysia. Nothing new.

Balik Malaysia

I do not know when MARA will get my ticket for the 13th March. Need to get back to Malaysia to get my life back in order. It's all fun now but that won't last long when everyone starts going to uni.


The contract in Norwood lapsed yesterday, so I cannot lepak at Norwood anymore and watch Oprah and Ellen show while folding the pamphlets. It was a cool retreat when it is really hot at Maple..hahaha.Already hauled all my stuff from the house. Will return the keys to Lutfi for Mat this Monday.

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